Global Commerce: Tennessee and the International Economy

For more than 25 years, Global Commerce: Tennessee and the International Economy has been reporting on Tennessee’s involvement in the world economy.  It is the only publication focusing upon the Volunteer State’s trade and foreign investment, and one of the few anywhere in the country that examines these issues at the state and local level. Every quarter Global Commerce updates Tennessee’s trade performance, and every year it assesses the size and impact of foreign investment into the state.  In addition, it regularly issues more detailed examinations of topical issues in Tennessee’s economic and political interactions with the rest of the world. Dr. Steven Livingston, Global Commerce editor, is associate BERC director and professor of Political Science.

Tennessee Monthly Trade Data


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This is an image of the Tennessee flagTennessee Trade Report 1st Quarter 2024



Map of Tennessee Counties 2023 Foreign Investment into Tennessee


TN License PlateThe Potential Impact of Auto Tariffs on the Tennessee Economy