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Summer 2020 Newsletter



Selected Faculty Publications (2022) by James Chaney

We're From Here, Too: Identity and Belonging among 1.5-and Second-Generation Latinxs in Nashville, Tennessee   (2020) by James Chaney             

Asserting a black vision of race and place: Florida A&M University’s homecoming as an affirmative, transgressive claim of place (2020) by Douglas L. Allen

Sounding “brown”: Everyday aural discrimination and othering (2020) by Christabel Devadoss

Soundscapes as Critical Tools of Analysis (2019) by Christabel Devadoss

#ChangetheDamnName: MTSU Student Activism Against Forrest Hall, White Supremacy, and a Reparative Approach to Heritage Preservation (2019) by Douglas L. Allen & Jordan P. Brasher

Somali Refugee Resettlement and Residential Patterns in Nashville, Tennessee (2018) by James Chaney, Abdishakur Mohamed, Samuel Williams

Intimacy in Non-Western Discourses of Terrorism: An Analysis of Three Bollywood Films (2018) by Christabel Devadoss & Gordon Cromley

A Glance at New Orleans’ Contemporary Hispanic and Latino Communities (2017) by James Chaney

Vínculos históricos entre Nueva Orleáns, Luisiana y Cuba (2017) Annie Gibson, Case Watkins, James Chaney, Andrew Sluyter

Sound and identity explored through the Indian Tamil diaspora and Tamil Nadu (2016) by Christabel Devadoss

Hispanic and Latino New Orleans: Immigration and Identity Since the Eighteenth Century (2015) by Andrew Sluyter, Case Watkins, James Chaney, Annie Gibson

Book Hispanic and Latino New Orleans

Forging New Paths: Examining the Transnational Social Networks behind Latino Migration in the American South (2015) by James Chaney

Administrative violence, prison geographies and the photographs of Tuol Sleng Security Center, Cambodia (2014) by James A. Tyner & Christabel Devadoss

Malleable Identities: Placing the Garínagu in New Orleans (2012) by James Chaney

The Formation of a Hispanic Enclave in Nashville, Tennessee (2010) by James Chaney



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