Most grades are entered online by the instructor within 48 hours of your final exam. To view final grades, access PipelineMTselect Registration & Student Records left menu, then click Final Grades in the Academic Records box.  If you have a hold, you won’t be able to see your grades. You can come to the MT One Stop counter, show a photo ID, and ask to see your grades.

Repeating a course

You can repeat a course to raise your GPA. The first time you repeat a course (second attempt), the grade you earn replaces the grade for your first attempt in the calculation of your GPA. No course should be attempted more than twice except upon advice of your advisor. The last grade earned will count even if the last grade received is lower than what you earned in your first attempt. All repeated courses remain on your transcript with a repeat notation. Students may not repeat a course in which they have previously earned the grade of "A", "B", or "P" without written approval from the chair of the department of the repeated course.

Veterans receiving educational assistance benefits may not repeat courses previously passed and receive financial assistance for those courses.