Prospective Students

Apply to a Program


Priority Dates for Application Submission

October 1       Priority Date for Spring Semester
March 1 Priority Date for Summer Semester
June 1            Priority Date for Fall Semester


  • Individual programs may have earlier deadlines. Prospective students (domestic and international) should consult department application deadlines which may supersede College of Graduate Studies' deadlines.
  • Students must be admitted to a graduate program to be eligible for Financial Aid

All Application Materials and Correspondence should be sent to:

College of Graduate Studies 
Middle Tennessee State University 
MTSU Box 42 
Murfreesboro, TN 37132


  •  All materials received become the property of MTSU and cannot be returned to the student or forwarded to a third party.

Test Codes for Middle Tennessee State University: 

INFS - 6ZR-KJ-37 
MBA (Full-time) - 6ZR-KJ-25 
MBA (Part-time) - 6ZR-KJ-52
GRE 1466
Praxis 1466
TOEFL 1466