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National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW) 

An annual event, National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week occurs on or around the third week of October.  During NCAAW, Health Promotion sponsors a variety of programs surrounding high risk drinking prevention, highway safety, decision making, alcoholism, and more to help students make good choices surrounding alcohol use.

Mythbusters: Alcohol Edition 

Health Promotion facilitates this presentation for classrooms and student groups to educate audience members on the reality or lack thereof of commonly held beliefs regarding alcohol.  The presentation lasts approximately 45 minutes.  For information on scheduling Mythbusters: Alcohol Edition, contact Lisa Schrader at 615-494-8704 or

Rethinking Drinking: Straight Up with a Twist 

This presentation offers an in-depth look at alcohol, its physiological effects, social effects, and academic effects, as well as risk reduction strategies.  The presentation lasts approximately 55 minutes.  For information on scheduling Rethinking Drinking, contact Lisa Schrader at 615-494-8704 or


Health Promotion has partnered with the Coalition for Healthy and Safe Campus Communities (CHASCo) to provide Alcohol e-Check Up to Go.  This brief assessment asks questions regarding alcohol usage and consumption patterns, then provides individualized feedback based on your responses.

Counseling Services also provides an online link to an alcohol dependency assessment.



*Data presented are from the American College Health Association’s National College Health Assessment, conducted Spring 2019, which included 815 MTSU students.  A full report of all participating post-secondary institutions is available at

  • 47.8% of MTSU students used alcohol in the 30 days prior to completing the survey
  • 28.3% of MTSU students reporting never having used alcohol
  • 22.3% of MTSU students reported driving after drinking alcohol
  • 16.9% of MTSU students reported binge drinking (4 or more drinks for females, 5 or more drinks for males) in the two weeks prior to completing the survey



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