Adjunct Faculty Fall 2017

  • If you are unable to find contact information for your instructor on this list, please call the History department at 615-898-2631.
name email address office
Agee, Michael No office on campus
Armstrong, Brett No office on campus
Armstrong, Vince Jones Hall 134/138
Carroll, William Jones Hall 134/138
Crawford-Lackey, Katie Jones Hall 134/138
Crews, Tiffany Jones Hall 134/138
Driggers, Dennis Jones Hall 134/138
Fanscher, Bradley Jones Hall 134/138
Fisher, Lindsey Jones Hall 134/138
Fletcher, Michael Jones Hall 134/138
Fraley-Rhodes, Miranda Jones Hall 134/138 
Harris, Lydia Jones Hall 134/138
Hensley, Victoria Jones Hall 134/138
Lodl, John Rutherford County Archives
McDowell, Natalie No office on campus
Richmond, Marisa Jones Hall 134/138
Robbins, Renee Davis Science Building 120 L
Robinson, Frank Jones Hall 134/138
Ruch, Jennifer Jones Hall 134/138
Smallwood, Layla Jones Hall 134/138
Tonks, Ron Jones Hall 134/138
Whittenberg, Albert Cope Administration Building 218
Wright, Bradley Jones Hall 134/138

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Peck Hall 223

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Kevin Leonard

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Oral History Association

The executive offices of the Oral History Association have opened at MTSU and will be here for the next five years.

The office will be co-directed by Albert Gore Research Center Director Louis Kyriakoudes and History Professor Kristine McCusker.

The Offices are located in Peck Hall, Room 217.

Telephone: 615-898-2544