How to Apply for the Buchanan Fellowship


Please follow the steps below to apply for the Buchanan Fellowship! If you have any direct questions regarding the application, please email our Honors Advisor, Laura Clippard at

1. Apply to MTSU

Admission questions can be directed to or 615-898-2111

2. Create Your PipelineMT Account

After you apply to MTSU, you will receive your M-number by mail. You will use this to create your PipelineMT account. You need your PipelineMT Username and Password to access the Buchanan Application Form.

If you have applied to MTSU and have not yet received your M-number by mail, then please contact with the following:

  • Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
  • Date of birth
  • Home Address

To create your PipelineMT account, go to “New User” and click on the “Students” button. More information on student accounts can be found on the ITD website.

3. Start Your Buchanan Application

All applications must be submitted by December 1, no later than 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Using the same User ID and password, you can now start your Buchanan Application. Google Chrome is recommended. You do not have to complete the application in one session, but please save often.

Buchanan Application to Start in Fall 2025


OPTION ONE: November 1 - Early Review Deadline. Student must commit to accepting the Buchanan Fellowship in December. 
This means you want to be considered for early decision for the Buchanan Fellowship. You will need to submit your application by November 1 and commit to MTSU and the Buchanan program as your first choice of colleges if offered the Buchanan Fellowship. If you are not offered the Buchanan in the first group, your application will still be considered with the December 1 deadline group. All ACT/SAT scores must be submitted by November 1 with your application. 

OPTION TWO: December 1 - Regular Review Deadline. 
You do not want to be considered for the Buchanan Fellowship early acceptance. You would like to be reviewed with the December 1 group. You are unsure about what college is best for you and need additional time. 

4. Send Your High School / Dual Enrollment College Transcripts

In addition to sending your high school and/or dual enrollment college transcripts to the Admissions office, you must also send transcripts to the Honors College. Do NOT email your transcripts to the Honors College. Transcriptscannot be accepted by email. Use ONE of the options below:

  • Preferred Method: Upload them directly into your Buchanan application. Look for the link called “High School Transcript” or “College Transcripts” 
  • Your high school counselor or college counselors upload them to our secure portal.
  • Mail them to the Honors College at: 
    MTSU Honors College
    Buchanan Application Committee, Box 267
    Murfreesboro, TN 37130

NOTE FOR STUDENTS WITH PRIOR COLLEGE CREDIT: All students who meet the requirements are welcome to apply for the Buchanan Fellowship. If students are offered the Buchanan, they should sent all transcripts to MTSU. If their major is known, they can ask the major advisors on campus if an Honors minor will fit well with their major.

Students who have already completed 21 hours or more (seven classes) of college credit, either earned or in process, may find it difficult to complete the Buchanan program. 

The Honors College will likely require 9 hours of common Buchanan classes and 6 additional hours of Honors freshman and sophomore classes. Ideally, Honors requirements complete general education requirements and only add 5 junior and senior hours (including a thesis).

5. Other Information

You have the option to attach a resume, if needed, to expand on answers given in the application. 

Please do not upload any recommendation letters, as they will not be considered within the selection process.

If you have any direct questions regarding the application, please contact the Honors Student Engagement Coordinator