Honors Faculty Application

Honors Faculty are those who teach and/or have full responsibility for UH (University Honors) and H (Honors) - desginated courses and must be members of the Honors Faculty.

Requirements for Honors Faculty Status

1.  Honors Faculty must:

  1. Hold a terminal degree in their field;
  2. be full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty. See explanation below for exceptions for non-tenure track faculty;
  3. have an interest in teaching Honors courses and a desire to work with honors students;
  4. show a record of excellence in teaching and research and/or creative activity; and
  5. be willing to mentor honors students and supervise undergraduate research and/or creative activity.

* Non-tenure track faculty (e.g., lecturer/instructor, clinical-track/professional practice-track, and research-track faculty) may be considered for Honors Faculty status based on the needs of their department. Requirements include a terminal degree in their field, excellence in teaching, and a commitment to mentoring honors students. If recommended by their chair and approved by the Honors Council, such faculty will be eligible to teach lower-division, H-designated courses in their field of study.

2.  Faculty applying for Honors Faculty status must be recommended by their department chair and approved by the Council. Applicants should submit:

  • a cover letter detailing the reasons for seeking Honors Faculty status;
  • an abbreviated CV;
  • a letter of recommendation from their department chair; and
  • copies of student evaluations for all courses taught during the previous two years.

3. To maintain active Honors Faculty status, honors faculty are expected to participate in the life of the Honors College (by teaching honors courses, directing/reading honors theses, mentoring students engaged in undergraduate research or creative activity, serving on honors committees, etc.), thereby contributing to the success of its students. Honors Faculty who are inactive for a period of five years will be reviewed by the Council.

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