Quality Assurance Funding

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) coordinates the statewide quality assurance funding program. According to the THEC web site, the performance funding program is an incentive-based funding initiative "that encourages institutions to build comprehensive evaluation systems whereby they can reliably measure student learning."  The funds are used to improve the quality of the University's academic programs and student services.

Under the quality assurance funding program, institutions can earn up to 5.45% over their operating budget. The program is based on a 100 point scale. This program is reviewed every five years by institutional representatives, governing boards, and the THEC staff for needed modifications. The current five-year cycle is 2020-2025 and addresses the following standards and maximum points awarded:

  • General Education Assessment (10 points)
  • Major Field Assessment (15 points)
  • Accreditation and Program Review (35 points)
  • Institutional Satisfaction Studies (10 points)
  • Student Equity - (10 points)
  • Quality of Student Access and Success (20 points)

Prior to 2015, the quality assurance funding program was the performance funding program.