Program Reviews

Program Reviews - Non-accredited Programs

Academic program reviews at Middle Tennessee State University are designed to assess program quality and facilitate program improvement. The program review process is a regular, systematic review and evaluation of all academic programs not accredited by a THEC approved accrediting agency. These undergraduate and graduate programs are evaluated on a seven-year cyclic by an out-of-state consultant. The process is coordinated by the department chair in cooperation with the appropriate college and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research. The provost's office participates in the review process and the subsequent follow up.

The evaluations, similar to accreditation reviews, are based on standards established by the Tennessee Board of Regents and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.  The criteria for selecting a reviewer, and prior program reviews are available on the links below.

Undergraduate Program Review

For undergraduate programs, reviewers are asked to evaluate the presence of 31 quality standards on a review checklist and prepare a written assessment.

Graduate Program Review

Graduate programs are measured against objective and qualitative standards established by the Tennessee Conference of Graduate Schools. The eight objective standards, which are either met or not met, include items primarily related to students’ learning experience. Qualitative standards include the students’ learning experience, graduate faculty quality, teaching-learning environment, and program evaluation. Reviewers are also required to submit a narrative report.

If you have a question or feedback about the program reviews, please contact Chris Brewer at (615) 898-5197.