Health Insurance

International students are required to have health insurance coverage at all times while in the United States to maintain their immigration status. MTSU does not provide this coverage. It is the responsibility of the student to purchase it. Students are free to purchase this insurance from a company in their homeland, or from a company here in the US. The insurance, however, must meet the minimum coverage requirements set by the US Department of State.

When purchasing insurance, it is important that the coverage include medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. The minimum for these coverages must be at least $50,000. All other levels of coverage may vary, but the student should be aware that medical expenses in the US can be expensive, and the student will be responsible for any amounts not covered under their insurance policy.

To assist you, the Tennessee Board of Regents has contacted a company which specializes in health insurance for international students. You are not obligated to use this company. This company is PGH Global. They can be found on the web at: Though they offer several different plans, but their “Trail Blazer” plan is the minimum recommended plan.

Things to remember

  • You must maintain health insurance coverage while you are in the US, even if you are not taking classes, for example, during the summer;
  • Failure to maintain this coverage could subject you to be reported as out of status, which could result in deportation;
  • If you have dependents with you, you must provide coverage for them as long as they are in the US, as well;
  • You must keep International Admission (Peck Hall 208) updated with copies of your policy and insurance cards at the beginning of each academic year. Failure to do so will result in a registration hold;
  • With or without insurance, you are responsible for the full costs of your medical expenses, including co-pays and deductibles;
  • You should visit Health Services on campus for all your medical needs. If you need medical attention they cannot provide, they can help you find the proper attention off campus. They can often ensure that you visit a doctor within your insurance policy's list of approved providers;
  • You should always contact your insurance company prior to visits to doctors and hospitals off campus to ensure your insurance will cover those expenses, and;
  • You are free to purchase health insurance from any company. Remember, though, they must provide, at a minimum, the same coverage in ISPs Trail Blazer plan.
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