Dates and Deadlines


Protocols approved under "Exemption" or "Exclusion" do not have an expiration once approved as long as they are in good standing.  The IRB will make routine program evaluation and the researchers may be contacted to verify if the protocol is still active.  Although there is no official expiration, an exemption protocol may be revoked or suspended if the conditions and terms are not followed by the researchers or participant safety is compromised.

Expedited protocols are issued for a total of THREE years.  The expiration date will be given in the protocol approval notice.  Some protocols that are close to being exempt would be granted a full three years without the requirement for an annual project report (also called as a "continuing review").  Researchers cannot request this feature; the IRB makes this determination on a case-by-case manner.  However, any amendments or modifications were implemented in such protocol would nullify the exception for annual project report requirement.  Protocols that require continuous IRB oversight will be required to request a continuing review.  The deadline for by when this request needs to be made will also be provided in the approval notice.  

The researcher must make appropriate arrangement to request continuing review regardless they recieve reminders from the Office of Compliance or not.  It is the responsibility of the PI or the faculty advisor, if the PI is a student, to request for a continuing review by the designated deadline.  

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