How to find out if an IRB approval is required for my study?


You will require IRB oversight if you ansered YES to EITHER of these following questions:


Am I engaged in "research" under MTSU Policy and Federal Regulations?

You are engaged in "research" if you are involved in a systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge. Examples of research are
Observational Research
Analysis of Archival Data
Internet Research
Social and Behavioral Research
Ethnographic Research
Educational Research
Innovative Instructional Methods, Procedures, or Treatments
Clinical Investigations

Does my "research" involve human subjects?

If you engage in some intervention or interaction with a person as part of your research then human subjects are involved. Interaction or intervention involves direct human contact with individuals or manipulation of an individual's environment. Examples of intervention and interaction include the performance of physical exams, obtaining blood samples, performing x-rays, altering light, temperature using student course materials, or archival data obtained from humans.

 Please note that activities that do not involve human subjects or interventions that do not lead to generalizable knowledge (such as case studies or oral history projects) are not designated as "research" according to OHRP although they contribute to general knowledge.


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