Qualtrics Access

MTSU provides access to Qualtrics and below are the instructions to access your account  Here is how you can access Qualtrics:

  1. Log into Office 365
  2. Click the menu ( ) at the top left.
    1. Click the All apps link
  3. Scroll down to the heading “Other” to locate the Qualtrics link
  4. Click the Qualtrics link and create a new account
  5. Retain these instructions because this is how you will access Qualtrics every time
    1. The login page on the Qualtrics website will not work, you must follow the link above for access  

Note: You must follow the above to see Qualtrics in the list of apps.  It will only show up in the left menu.

If you follow these steps and do not see Qualtrics in your account then contact ITD ( help@mtsu.edu )to ask them to open a support ticket to activate it in your account.  This seems to be a common issue for faculty, less common for students.