How to Submit my IRB Documents?




Effective from August, 2015

This page will provide a brief description for the new document submission process.  The new system is expected to streamline the document submission and inquiry processes specific to the needs of the IRB.  The previous process resulted in the administrative conflicts with petitions for animal research and other types of procedures that the Office of Compliance handles.  Separate email accounts have been designated to respond to the investigator-initiated actions.  
What to send?  Completed forms in the original Microsoft Word format along with all necessary supporting documents
Where to send? Email the forms and documents to
How to send? The IRB forms in MS Word format (DO NOT COLLATE).  Use a suitable subject line to your email
  • The IRB forms and documents need to be typed by the researcher(s) - handwritten forms will not be accepted
  • The completed forms will then be emailed to the Office of Compliance to with an appropriate subject.  Some suggestions for the subject text are provided below.  Not providing appropriate subject text may cause administrative delays.
  Type of Document Suggested Subject Text
1 New EXEMPT application package New Application Exempt 
 2 Revised EXEMPT documents (IRB ID) Revised Exempt
3 New Expedited application package New Application Expedited 
4 Revised Expedited documents (IRB ID) Revised Expedited
 5 New Full Review application package New Application Full
Revised Full review documents (IRB ID) Revised Full
Minor changes/addendum request (IRB ID) Minor Addendum Exempt/Expedited/Full 
 Major changes/addendum   (IRB ID) Major Addendum Exempt/Expedited/Full
 Progress report with request for continuation  (IRB ID) Continuation 
10  Final report  (IRB ID) Close out
  • Student researchers have to send their forms to their faculty advisor/thesis supervisor/class coordinator and the concerned faculty officer will email us the completed forms
  • DO NOT COLLATE the forms into a single file
    • the individual forms will be stored in different locations of our databse
  • Send the forms in their original format and we recommend that you DO NOT CONVERT to PDF
    • The name entries in the signature boxes captures the user and time for documentation purposes
    • Conversion to PDF will negate this option.  
  • Neither the Office of Compliance nor the members of IRB/IACUC will edit or modify any portions of the petitions.  All modifications (even minor changes) will have to be done by the investigators



(Starting in August 2015)

There is only one difference between the old process and the new procedure.  The email ID, will no longer be used to collect form submission or answer IRb/IACUC questions.  The account will only be used in the future to receive emergency and important compliance-related communications - such as Adverse Event Notification, report compliance breach(es), provide feedback or offer suggestions, etc. For IRB questions the researchers have to contact the Office of Compliance through while IACUC users can use