Summer 2022 Schedules and Instructions

The MTSU IRB and IACUC will be closed for the summer for full committee reviews.  Exempt and Expedited reviews (IRB and DMR approvals (IACUC) will continue during these months.  Please be advised that the members will be on summer recess and it may take a bit longer to identify member availability for certain protocols.

The following actions are recommended during the summer break:



  • Continuing Review: the protocols may continue as approved or amended once a progress report for the previously approved study has been submitted. An official notice will be served once a continuing review has been conducted. 
  • Minor Amendments: changes to previously approved protocols that include addition/removal of students & co-investigators, expansion of sample size, changes to specific target population within the originally approved participant description, fixing grammar to the templates, minor changes to the language in the templates, and protocol extensions, can be incorporated without having to wait for an IRB action. Instructions to such changes are provided within the Minor Revisions Form (click).
  • Major Amendments: emergency changes to previously approved protocols that are needed to protect the participants from harm or discomfort may be implemented without having to wait for an IRB approval. But such changes must be notified to the IRB in writing via email.  All other major changes that require an IRB review will be processed after the IRB returns to session.
  • Requests for New Protocols: The investigators will receive an acknowledgement within 4 business days; prescreening and review will commence after the IRB returns.
  • For specific needs, please contact Dr. Dawn McCormack (



  • The IACUC is closed for the entire summer starting from 06/01/2021 to 08/01/2021.
  • IACUC actions that require a DMR action would be processed during this break. Depending on the availability of a designated member, additional time for processing may be needed
  • Contact Dr. Dawn McCormack ( for emergency assistance for IRB and contact Dr. John Haffner ( for IACUC needs.  
  • For reporting adverse events, please contact Dr. John Haffner (

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