Banner 9

How does it affect me?

If you've heard about Banner 9, you likely thought it was just another routine upgrade to Banner. According to vendor Ellucian, however, it is no ordinary upgrade: "It delivers a fresh user experience, all new tools, and significantly improved capabilities across Banner, driving new efficiencies so you can focus on student success," the company stated.

Banner 9's new user interface, known as Application Navigator (or App Nav), replaces underlying Banner 8 technology being phased out - including Oracle Forms - and eliminates the need to run Java in the browser. Oracle Forms and Java are the technologies that you are using when you log in to the current Banner 8 INB system. On Banner 9, what used to be referred to as INB instead will be referred to as the Admin Pages, which are like web pages of the old INB forms.

Advantages to Banner 9

  • Eliminating users' browser compatibility problems
  • Ending dependency on Internet Explorer and allowing for full browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge)
  • Greatly simplifying the upgrade process for administrators
  • Offering a "Google-like" experience for navigating throughout Banner Admin pages, with multiple ways to search

Self-Service Banner 9

When you’re using PipelineMT, most of the links you use are taking you into Self-Service Banner (SSB) whether you realize it or not.  Now that we’re using Banner 9 Admin Pages, which replaced INB, we have to work on our conversion to Self-service Banner 9, which is essentially phase 2 of the Banner 9 upgrade project.  SSB will require a lot more work out of ITD EAS staff and certain functional users because of the many MTSU customizations that have been done to SSB over the years.  All of that is being worked on now.  We are hoping that the new baseline SSB functionality will be an improvement and allow us to do away with some customizations but that analysis is still forthcoming.

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