Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology Award

Criteria and Selection Procedures  |  Nomination/Application Form

The MTSU Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology Award honors faculty members each year who demonstrates excellence in the development of technology-based teaching materials and in the integration of instructional technology into the classroom. Three distinguished awards are accompanied by a check for $3,000 from the MTSU Foundation. The award recipients are honored at the MTSU Fall Faculty Meeting in August.

Past recipients of the Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology Award


  • Stephanie Dean - Media Arts
  • Eric Detweiler - English
  • Molly Taylor-Polesky - History


  • Becky Alexander - Elementary and Special Education
  • Tyler Babb - Aerospace


  • Anatoliy Volkov - Chemistry
  • Charles Dahan - Recording Industry
  • Tammy Donham - Recording Industry


  • Marsha Barsky - Dance
  • Lisa Green - Mathematics
  • Scott McDaniel - University Studies


  • Michael Fleming - Recording Industry
  • Tom Brinthaupt - Psychology 
  • Jonathan Bradley - English


  • Vic Montemayer - Physics and Astronomy


  • Lawanna Fisher – University Studies
  • Ronda Henderson – Business Communication and Entrepreneurship
  • Cen Li  - Computer Science


  • Virginia Donnell, Speech and Theatre
  • Daniel Prather - Aerospace
  • Vince Smith - Business Communication and Entrepreneurship


  • Nathan Adam, Recording Industry
  • Debra Wilson, Nursing
  • Amy Macy, Recording Industry


  • Leigh Ann McInnis, Nursing
  • Donald Kendrick, Psychology


  • Debrah Sickler-Voigt, Art
  • Sharon Coleman, Human Science
  • Susan Myers-Shirk, History


  • Dr. Thomas M. Brinthaupt, Psychology
  • Dr. Dorothy V. Craig, Educational Leadership
  • Dr. Victoria Dawn Shelar, Health & Human Performance


  • Paul Allen, Industry Management
  • Ginger Rowell, Mathematics
  • Joachim Zeitz, Economics


  • Rebecca Seipelt, Biology
  • Joseph Akins, Recording Industry
  • John Wermert, Accounting


  • Nathan "Adan" Adams, Recording Industry Management
  • Nancy McCormick, Developmental Studies
  • Nicole Welch , Biology


  • Scott McDaniel, Developmental Studies
  • Michael Sanger, Chemistry
  • Thomas Hutchison, Recording Industry


  • Mary Enderson, Mathematics
  • Jackie Gilbert, Management & Marketing
  • Patricia O'Leary, Nursing


  • Maria Clayton, English
  • John Sanders, Educational Leadership
  • Maria Smith, Nursing


  • Sarah Barlow, Biology
  • Thomas Cheatham, Computer Science
  • Jong-Sung Lee, Computer Information Systems


  • Barbara Draude, Nursing
  • Carolyn Hopper, Developmental Studies
  • Victor Montemayor, Physics and Astronomy


  • Larry Burriss, Journalism


  • Doug Mitchell, Recording Industry


  • Christie Nuell, Art


Award nominations are taken beginning in January (a timeline is available to highlight important dates and nomination procedures). The nominees are asked to submit materials, in digital format, in support of their nomination that address the following:

  1. Instructional materials development
    • Describe the technology-based teaching materials that you use.
    • Describe the procurement/development process.
    • Describe the hardware and software you utilize in the development phase.
  2. Classroom/curriculum integration
    • Describe how the materials are used in your courses.
    • Describe how the materials are used by your students outside of your classroom.
    • Describe the hardware and software used in the classroom.
  3. Materials evaluation
    • Describe your technology-based materials evaluation process.
    • Outline your evaluation results.
    • Describe how your evaluation results are used.
  4. Mentoring and publication
    • Illustrate how you share your instructional materials and knowledge with your colleagues.
    • Describe any publication, conference participation, or educational training related to instructional technology.
  5. Additional information
    • Describe your methods for learning more about instructional technology.
    • Describe your requirements for student use of instructional technology.
    • Highlight your plans for future use of instructional technology.
    • Innovation: Describe how what you do is unique to your area.
    • Impact: Describe how your use of Instructional Technology has impact beyond your classroom (community, university, OR globally).
  6. Members of the committee may not nominate themselves nor accept a nomination for the Outstanding Instructional Technology award (individually or as a group member).  They are not eligible for the award in any manner. However, they are encouraged to apply or be nominated when they are not on the committee.

Selection procedures

  1. Nominations are due on February 19, 2018.
  2. The nominees' supporting materials should be sent to Jimmy Williams, james.williams@mtsu.edu, at the Faculty Instructional Technology Center (Box 226) by March 7, 2018. Sending digital files by email would be best.
  3. The Instructional Technologies Development Committee review the materials and select finalists in March. 
  4.  At that time equipment arrangements for technology-based materials demonstrations are made with each of the finalists.
  5. The five finalists demonstrate their technology-based instructional materials before the Instructional Technologies Development Committee.
  6. The awards are announced at the Fall Faculty Meeting in August.