Online Education Services

In recognition of the rising popularity of on-line learning platforms, the Federal Privacy Technical Assistance Center (an office within the U.S. Department of Education) has recommended that Universities more closely monitor online educational resources that are being used in classes on their campuses. As a result, we are requesting your assistance in identifying the sites that are currently being used on campus so we can determine what, if any, safeguards need to be put in place. Please complete the questionnaire if you currently use any site that meets all of the following characteristics:

  • The website is not affiliated with MTSU (e.g., it is not supported by Banner, D2L, or;
  • The website maintains personally identifiable information about MTSU students;
  • Students use the site to complete academic coursework (such as practice exercises, quizzes and tests); and
  • The website site allows faculty members to monitor student use of the site or retrieve student information from the site (including grades).

It is a violation of the University privacy policies to provide confidential student or employee data to third parties or store such data on an off-campus site (including storing electronic data on off campus servers) without a valid University contract requiring adequate protections for that data. Also, those sites and any related click-wrap agreements usually require a user to agree to other unacceptable terms and condition. You can create some personal liability if you agree to those terms and conditions.

Please email any questions that you have to