Nontraditional Student Organization (NTO)

Nontraditional Student Organization (NTO) is an organization that provides support and advocacy for services for all students at MTSU, regardless of age, who have primary responsibilities outside of the University -- jobs, families, etc.


Who Are NTOs?

NTOs are MTSU students who are considered adult learners. This is an organization composed of students, regardless of age, who have primary life responsibilities outside their studies at the University.

  • We may hold down a full-time job and take classes during the evenings towards a degree.
  • We may take a full academic load, but rush home after class to tend children, spouses, elderly parents, or other dependents.
  • We may be hard working jugglers -- balancing classes, part-time work, and family responsibilities.
  • We may be working and continuing our studies as graduate students to obtain a graduate degree to further our careers.
  • We are on campus mainly to meet classes and to do research in the library, but we spend much more time involved in our lives outside the University.


What Holds This Diverse Group of People Together?

We all struggle to fulfill the obligations of our "real lives" along with our studies. NTO bands us together, making us stronger and better able to meet the challenges which we share with other adult students.

So Why Should I Join NTO?

Membership in NTO is a way to meet other students who share your concerns and interests as an adult learner at MTSU.

  • It is a support system for students who might otherwise feel alone on campus. Members genuinely care about each other--whether it is to share feelings of anxiety regarding tests, of frustrations regarding child care, or of elation to celebrate successes.
  • It is an advocacy group that is working to increase the services provided to the adult learners at MTSU such as child care, more scholarship funds available to adult students, evening hours for services and offices, and more classes in the evening and weekends.
  • It is a social organization, sponsoring activities such as theatre and movie outings, receptions, and other get togethers for NTO members to enhance their campus experience.
  • It is a service organization that has developed a mentor program to match an adult learner who is new at MTSU with a fellow student who has been here a year or two. This mentor helps the new student cope with the first year studies at MTSU.
  • It is an organization where you can contribute whatever amount of time and energy you may have to help yourself better enjoy your experiences at MTSU and to help others too.
  • It is a fun group of people who share your interest in securing an education to better your life, your career, and your future. Together, we laugh through the hard times and rejoice with each other when we have completed our goals to graduation! You are invited to join us. An online membership form is available for your convenience.

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