FAQs About LGBT+ Campus Life

Does MTSU have housing policies in place for Transgender or Gender-Nonconforming students?

Housing & Residential Life does not have a written policy for Transgender or Gender-Nonconforming students. However, they will work with each student to ensure their housing needs are adequately met, and they strive to make all of their operations and programs as inclusive as possible.

How can I change my name to reflect my choosen name on campus records? Where will my choosen name be reflected?

Students can complete the Name Change request through MT One Stop. This form will allow for your choosen name to be displayed in the following areas:

Class Rosters

D2L Rosters and discussion boards

Degree Works



MT One Stop

Navigate (EAB)

MTMail Display name (email)

Campus Directory

The Name Change Request form can be located here.

How can I change my gender on campus records?

In order for a student to change their gender they must have legal documentation of their gender change.

Do I have to provide medical documentation to change my preferred name and personal pronoun with the University?

A student's name may be changed in the Banner system after they have legally changed their name and submitted a Name Change Request form. In order for a student to change their gender they must have legal documentation of their gender change.

Are there LGBT+ sensitive counseling services available?

Yes, Counseling Services staff participates in Safe Zone trainings annually and have experience in aiding LGBT+ persons. Counseling Services is located on the 3rd floor of the KUC.

Are there counselors on campus that know about transgender issues?

Yes, Counseling Services staff participates in Safe Zone trainings annually and have experience in aiding LGBT+ persons. Counseling Services is located on the 3rd floor of the KUC.

Is MTSU Health Services knowledgeable about LGBT+ issues?

Yes, MTSU Health Services has experience assisting 'LGB' students with their primary care needs as well as specifically Transgender & Gender Non Conforming students.

Are campus nurses/doctors trained in providing care to LGBT+ students?

Yes, Health Services staff participates in the campus’ Safe Zone Training Program and campus nurses and doctors have experience assisting LGBT+ students. Each student has unique needs and MTSU Health Services strives listen to the needs of each student and develop a plan of care tailored to their individual circumstances. The pharmacists at the MTSU Campus Pharmacy also have experience assisting LGB students as well as Transgender & Gender Nonconforming students.

Does the student health insurance plan cover services for transgender students?

Hormone replacement therapy and sexual reassignment surgery are not covered services or policy benefits of the student insurance plan.

Does the MTSU Campus Rec Center provide all gender facilities (i.e.: family rest rooms or lock rooms)?

The Recreation Center has one all gender changing room located in the hallway at the south end of the indoor pool.  The room is equipped with a toilet, sink, shower and lockers.

Are fitness classes offered by the MTSU Campus REC Center open to students, faculty, & staff of all gender identities/expressions?


Do MTSU Intramural Policies include sexual orientation and gender identity/expression?

The MTSU Campus REC Center does not have a written policy for intramurals. Campus Recreation desires to make intramural activities and all of their programs as inclusive as possible.

Are LGBT+ Students eligible to apply for Diversity Scholarships?

Yes, all LGBT+ students are eligible to apply for the MT Diversity Scholarship. For scholarship application and guideline information please visit Scholarship Opportunities.

Does MTSU have scholarships specifically for LGBT+ students?

Yes, the MTSU Lambda Association has two LGBT+ specific scholarships available to their members; the Lambda Student Scholarship and the LGBT+ Heroes Scholarship. For more information please contact MT Lambda’s Faculty Advisor at William.Langston@mtsu.edu

Does the MTSU Non-discrimination policy protect students from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression?

Yes, both sexual orientation and gender identity/expression are protected classes under the MTSU Non-discrimination policy.

Is there an active LGBT+ student organization on campus, and what are some ways to get involved?

Yes, MT Lambda serves as MTSU's only all-inclusive LGBT+ student organization. They host weekly meetings and membership is open to all students. There are other organizations on campus that support LGBT+ students. Please visit MyMT to find more student organizations.

Are there trans/intersex specific student organizations on campus, and what are some ways I can get involved?

Presently, there are not trans/intersex specific groups on campus; however the LGBT+ student organization, MT Lambda, specifically includes and addresses the needs and interests of the trans community.

Is there a campus office for LGBT+ student services?

 LGBT+ students are encouraged to visit the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership when searching out campus resources for LGBT+ students.

What activities are sponsored on campus for LGBT+ students?

Activities focused on LGBT+ & Allied students occur throughout the year at MTSU. These activities may be hosted by student organizations, departments, or other campus organizations. Students are encouraged to regularly check MyMT for an up to date listing of all campus events. Check here for a current listing of LGBT+ related events being hosted by the IDA Center

Are supportive faculty & staff easily identifiable?

There is an active Safe Zone program on campus that involves the public display of signs designating LGBT+ friendly spaces along with resources available to support LGBT+ students, faculty, & staff. A directory of these persons may be located here.

Is there a procedure for reporting LGBT+ related bias or discrimination incidents? How does the University respond to such incidents?

The campus takes incidents of LGBT+ bias or discrimination seriously. Concerns or complaints may be brought to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance.

Do you have to identify as LGBT+ to be involved with LGBT+ programming and events?

No, Straight Allies are welcome in all programming and events based in the CSIL Office. Additionally, MT Lambda welcomes Straight Allies to all of their meetings and events each semester.