Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to the MT Housing Portal?

In order to access the MT Housing Portal, you must be accepted to MTSU and have a Pipeline log-in. Your username for the MT Housing Portal is the alphanumeric user id at the start of your campus email (example: abc4y). Your password is the same password used to log in to Pipeline. If you experience issues, please email and we will check your access.

How do I apply for on-campus housing?

To apply or reapply for residence halls, on-campus apartments and family student housing, complete the Residential Life Application and return it with the required fees. You can apply online or submit a paper application in person to the Keathley University Center (KUC) Room 300. You may also submit your completed application and prepayment by mail to:

MTSU Housing and Residential Life
Middle Tennessee State University
Post Office Box 6
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

What denotes a completed housing application?

A completed application includes:

  1. Signed housing license agreement
  2. $350 prepayment
  3. Signed and Notarized Financial Guarantor Form (applicants under the age of 18)
  4. Proof of Meningitis Vaccination on or after the sixteenth birthday and within the last five years (if first time living on campus at MTSU)

Please note: The housing prepayment is only fully refundable if the student is denied admission from MTSU. Please see housing cancellation policy for more information.

How can I check if my application is complete?

To look up what items may be missing from your completed application, log in to the MT Housing Portal, click on “Applications” and then “Check My Status.”

Please note: There is a processing time of up to 10 days after items are submitted or mailed. Be sure your items are submitted to allow ample time for processing.

When can I apply for housing?

We begin accepting applications for Fall-Spring academic year on September 15th.  Students seeking to start housing in the upcoming Spring can apply starting on September 15th as well.

When can I reapply for housing?

Applicants who currently reside on campus currently during the Fall do not need to submit an application for Spring, as our applications are for the full academic year which includes fall and spring terms.
For students interested in living on campus with us again for next Fall and Spring, the application will open on September 15th.

How do I apply for family housing?

Family housing is available for married students or students with children. Family housing on MTSU campus is limited and denotes a separate application process. Students applying for family housing must contact our office at 615-898-2971 to verify availability prior to submitting an application and prepayment as there is often a waiting list for family accommodation.

When is the deadline to apply for housing?

In short, there is no “deadline.” Our housing process remains open as long as space is available. When we run out of rooms, our regular housing application will close and you will need to complete a Waiting List Application. As a guideline, we strongly advise that you apply before May 1st, but if you are seeking a private/single or apartment room on campus, you need to apply much earlier than that.  

How is my room assignment decided?

For applicants who apply before our waiting list begins, the process is two-fold. We first look at your application complete date, and assign you a self-assignment date according to the dates posted on our Dates page. Current residents pick first, and then New residents. Beginning on your assigned self-assignment date, you will then log in to our MT Housing Portal to access the self-assignment system to look at available options and choose your room and roommate(s).
Once all rooms are selected, we close the self-assignment system and begin our Waiting List. Our Waiting List process is first come first served, and we are only able to assign students off of the Waiting List if cancellations occur that permit us to do so. If you complete a Waiting List Application, you must complete all required steps above with the exception of the prepayment. Once we can confirm that we have a space for you, you will be asked to submit your prepayment and then placed in the next available cancellation.

How can I tour on-campus housing?

Tours of on-campus housing are included on campus tours. You can schedule a tour at We do have a 360 Virtual Tour that is available on our website. This includes 360 photos of Housing’s traditional and quad-style residence halls and on-campus apartment locations. We also have photos and tours of our halls on our Facebook Page and on Instagram (@mtsu.hrl)

Are first year students required to live on campus?

Currently, MTSU does not require any student to live on campus. However, once the student makes application for housing, they will be bound by the terms of the license agreement, including payment for both the fall and spring semesters.

Can first-year students live in the apartments?

Because housing is awarded first-come first-served and not based upon classification, yes, first year students are able to live in the apartments. However, we do caution that it can be difficult for new students to find friends of similar age/classification/student status, as apartments tend to fill with returning upperclass residents. Along those same lines, it may be difficult to secure an apartment space as a new student because most spaces are usually filled by the time new residents pick in March. If you are looking for a social environment with students your age, but a private living space, you may want to look at choosing a private or single room in a residence hall! Remember, the earlier you apply the more likely these options will be available to you when you self-assign!

Why am I required to pay the $350 prepayment?

The prepayment fee denotes the student's investment in an assignment based on the terms of the license agreement. The prepayment is applied toward housing costs, $175 for the fall term and $175 for the spring term, provided the student meets the terms of the license agreement.

Do I have to pay $350 even though I won't be attending MTSU during the Spring term?

All applications are for the academic year which includes both fall and spring terms, so you do have to pay the $350 prepayment fee. However, as long as you do not enroll in Spring courses and cancel by the specified housing cancellation deadlines (see Dates page) then you may be entitled to a portion of the prepayment returned.

You must cancel your license agreement in writing, by either completing a Housing License Cancellation form or emailing a formal notice of cancellation to Once non-registration has been confirmed (usually after February 1st) your housing prepayment will be applied as a credit to your student account and may be issued in the form of a refund if you do not owe the university money at that time.

If I cancel my housing, do I get my prepayment back?

Our prepayment is never fully refundable except in the event a student is denied admission to MTSU. However, you may be entitled to a portion of the prepayment refunded, depending on your date of cancellation. Please see the Housing License Agreement or contact 615-898-2971 for more detailed information on cancellation details and deadlines.

Can I make changes to my Housing application once I've sent it in?

Requests for changes in application information may be submitted in writing to Please include your full name and MTSU ID (M number) on the request.

Am I required to have a meal plan?

First year students are required to take on either a 5 Day or 7 Day Unlimited meal plan if they choose to reside in on campus housing. University Housing assigns meal plans for first year students, but any classification on or off campus may purchase a separate meal plan through the Aramark Offices in the Keathley University Center (KUC) Room 202 or by emailing More information on the available plans can also be found on their website at

Does the housing cost include cable and Wi-Fi?

Due to response from student surveys, beginning in August 2020, Housing and Residential Life will no longer provide in-room cable service.  Students will need to use a streaming service to access their favorite shows, but the upgraded Wi-Fi costs will be included in the student’s rent charges each semester. Laundry, electric, and water utilities are also included in the rent costs each semester.

When am I required to pay my housing fees?

Your Housing Prepayment is due at the time application is made. Housing “rent” fees are due and payable during the fee payment period at the beginning of the specific term. Please refer to Terms of Occupancy on the license agreement.

What if I can't pay the housing fees in one lump sum?

The Deferred Payment Plan is available to all students and applies to all university fees. For more information on this plan, please contact the Bursar's Office.

When will I get my room assignment?

MTSU Housing uses a system called self-assignment for 90% of its applicants. As long as a student submits a completed housing application for Fall/Spring Housing before we enter the Waiting List (or July 1st, whichever comes first), he or she will receive an email at their MTSU email account with a link for an upcoming self-assignment date. A tentative Self-Assignment schedule can be found on the Dates Page of our website.

Current Residents: Self-assignment for current residents will begin in November for the upcoming academic year (both Fall and Spring terms). A tentative Self-Assignment schedule for new students can be found on the Dates Page of our website.

New Residents or current residents not participating in priority assignment: Self- assignment for new residents and late reapplicants will begin in Spring and will continue until the start of the Waiting List or July 1st, whichever comes first. Once a Waiting List begins or beginning July 1st, assignments will be made by the housing staff on a first come - first served basis to any remaining available space. All students, once assigned, can view their assignment on the “View My Assignment” Portal once they have an active room assignment for that term.

The room/building I wanted is not available. Am I allowed to change rooms?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee availability of certain room types or facilities. However, students cancel and move rooms often. If you have self-assigned and not yet moved in, you can log into MT Housing Self-Assignment system to view the available spaces and make a change if you wish.

If the semester has already begun or the deadline for self-assignment has passed, you can submit a change request form any time after the second full week of classes. If space permits, we will work to move you then. If we do not have availability of your requested room type at that time, you will be notified and your transfer form will be kept on file for 30 days.

Can I see my room prior to move-in?

Summer camps and conferences utilize the Residence Halls during the summer, so it is not possible to see your specific room before move-in. However, you will be able to see show rooms that match almost all room types during the Summer Customs program, or view a similar room type on our 360 Virtual Tour on our website.

When will I know who my roommate is?

You can go in and select “View My Assignment” at any time through the MTSU Housing Portal. If a roommate has been assigned, the released information will appear there.

How do I find/get matched with a roommate?

With the majority of our room assignments taking place during the self-assignment process, most MTSU students will be responsible for finding their own best roommate match. To assist, MTSU Housing uses roommate matching questions that students can browse responses to and determine whether or not the potential roommate seems like a suitable match. Self-assignment also makes it easy for students who know one another to end up together—as long as a space exists with two vacancies, students can both “pick” into the same room and end up as roommates. It is also not uncommon that students who do not know anyone prior to enrolling find roommates on social media by joining the “MTSU Class of” Facebook page for their class, by using hashtags like #mtsu25 or by utilizing a paid website such as Roomsurf. These methods allow students to talk and get to know one another prior to deciding to be roommates

For students who miss the opportunity to self-assign, the housing operations staff uses Intellassign—a software feature that uses an algorithm combining building preference, room type preference and roommate matching questions to find the most suitable accommodation out of the available remaining options.

If I don’t like my room assignment, can I cancel my Housing License Agreement? License agreements are for the full academic year which include both Fall and Spring terms. Cancellations can only be accepted under very specific exceptions (i.e. Student is graduating, student is studying abroad, etc.). However, we do work to honor room changes for students who complete the Change Request form. To complete a Change Request form, sign into the Housing portal at

Can I get a private room?

If one is available- yes! Private/Single rooms are available at an additional cost. You can self-assign into a single/private room so long as one is available, or request to be placed in one. However, bear in mind that they go quickly, so the earlier you apply the better!

What is the difference between a single and a private room?

Single rooms are rooms in residence halls that are fit for just one occupant. They are smaller than your typical college double-occupancy room and contain just one set of furniture for one occupant. In the self-assignment system, single rooms are notated with an “S” after the room number.

Due to the demand of single-person accommodation on campus, MTSU also offers Private (PVT) rooms. Private rooms are typical double-occupancy rooms with two sets of furniture, but only one person is assigned to this space. Due to the changing needs of double occupancy rooms year to year and during the summer, we are unable to remove the extra set of furniture in this accommodation type. In the self-assignment system, private rooms are notated with a “PVT” after the room number.

Does MTSU offer substance free housing?

Yes, all housing on campus is substance free. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on campus. All Housing and Residential Life facilities are smoke-free. Smoking is prohibited in all public areas [lobbies, hallways, community baths, classrooms, etc.] and in all residence hall rooms and on-campus apartments.

MTSU is committed to maintaining a drug free environment in the residence halls and in on-campus apartments. Our zero tolerance policy states that any resident who is found responsible for infractions of any of the prohibitions on illegal drugs will be evicted from the residence hall system and not permitted to reside on campus.

How do you apply for Greek Housing?

Students wishing to reside in Greek Housing complete the housing application and prepayment as normal, indicating the House/Sorority or Fraternity name on their housing application. However, students living in Greek Housing do not participate in self-assignment. Instead, house managers will send a roster of student placements within their building. After submitting your housing application and prepayment, be sure to contact the House Manager of your sorority to ensure that your name is included on this roster.

How can I get involved in my Residence Hall/LLC?

All halls have a Residence Hall Programming Counsel, which allows for students to get involved in the activities of their facilities and residents. Living Learning Communities also offer opportunities for involvement and leadership within the housing community. For more information, visit the Living Learning Communities page of our website.

What should I bring with me?

Please refer to the following link for a list of recommendations: Things to bring with you

Can I have a car on campus?

All classifications are permitted to have their car on campus, and the cost of your permit is included in your fees. However, you must register your vehicle and receive the appropriate parking decal. For more information, visit the Parking Services website.

How can I hang things on the wall?

Items like posters and photos can be hung with Command ™ hooks and strips, or by using blue painters’ tape. Please note that scotch tape, double sided tape and duct tape can remove paint and drywall, and may result in damage charges being assessed at check-out.

Where can I do laundry? Do I need to bring quarters?

All buildings and complexes have centrally located laundry facilities including both washers and dryers. All machines can be operated without the use of coins, and the cost is included in your university fees.

Where do I go to check into my room?

You will receive specific check-in instructions in your pre-check in form. This will be sent to your MTSU email account.

When can I check into my room?

Specific check-in information is available in the “View My Assignment” portal, as well as on the Dates portion of the website. Checking in during the posted check-in dates/times will ensure adequate staffing and service for you during check in! Please do not arrive outside of these designated time-frames, as it is likely we will not have the resources available to assist you.

Can I move in early?

Students can request early arrival for university sanctioned events and involvements at the rate of $35 per day. Please forward proof of your need for early check-in along with your full name, M Number and date you are requesting to move in to A representative from housing will be in contact if any further information is needed and to confirm the cost for your early arrival.

What do I do if I have a maintenance-type problem with my room?

Report your problem to the Housing Facilities office. You can phone in your problem to 615-898-4116. Or for non-emergency problems, you can complete the online maintenance request form to have your problem addressed by the Housing Facilities staff.

What do I do if I get locked out of my room or lose my key?

If you get locked out or lose your key, desk assistant staff can assist you in providing a temporary key, or getting in contact with an on-call staff member to provide access to your assigned space. If your area’s desk is closed, call your building’s front desk phone number, which will be forwarded to and picked up by desk assistant staff in another area to provide further directions and assistance.

When are quiet hours? What about visitation hours?

Quiet hours take place every day from 9pm to 9am. During finals week, the university enforces 24-hour quiet hours for all halls and apartments.

Visitation Hours take place Sunday to Thursday from noon until midnight, and on Friday and Saturday nights from noon until 2am in all residence halls and apartments.

What are health and safety inspections?

Health and Safety Inspections are on site walk-throughs that hall staff conduct on a monthly basis to ensure that on campus residential buildings remain safe and free of potential danger. 

Do I have to take classes to live on campus during the summer?

All facilities close for summer with the exception of our apartment housing, with the majority of our residents assigned to Womack Lane for Summer term. Scarlett Commons Spring residents who have also secured a space in Scarlett Commons for Fall/Spring of the following year are permitted to stay in Scarlett Commons Apartments for the summer term, so long as they are enrolled in at least one three-hour class. Non-Scarlett residents may reside in Womack for the Summer term, and must enroll in at least one three-hour Summer class.

A course registration exception exists for Family housing and Womack Lane Spring residents who live in Womack Lane for the Summer and have ALSO secured a space in Womack Lane for the following Fall/Spring academic year. For more information please contact the Housing Office in Room 300 of the KUC, or by phone at 615-898-2971.

If my personal belongings are damaged or stolen, does the University cover my losses?

No. MTSU assumes no responsibility for the theft, destruction or loss of money, valuables or other personal property belonging to or in the custody of the student. Each student is strongly encouraged to carry personal property insurance. Many dependent students may find that they are covered under their parents' homeowners’ policies; please confirm your coverage with your personal agent.  As another option, MTSU Housing has partnered with GradGuard to offer low cost rental insurance on campus.

How do I cancel my housing?

All housing assignments are made for the academic year, both fall and spring terms. Students are held to the housing agreement so long as they are enrolled in courses for the term. For students who are graduating in December, studying abroad or who will simply not be enrolled at MTSU for the spring term, you can submit a cancellation request to be refunded a portion of their housing prepayment (based on the dates as outlined in the Student Housing License Agreement) as well as a reversal of Spring housing charges. Cancellation requests may be submitted by signing into the Housing portal, clicking on the icon under “Forms/Agreements” and then on the icon under “Cancellation Form”.   Any student can cancel, but reversal of charges is not guaranteed and will depend upon the date of cancellation and whether the student is enrolled in Spring courses at MTSU.

I have extenuating circumstances that require me to terminate my housing license agreement. How can I submit a License Cancellation Appeal?

All students have the ability to submit a License Cancellation Appeal to a committee of officers. Deadlines for submission of these items can be found on the Dates portion of this website. Additional documentation supporting your appeal must be supplied along with your License Cancellation form.   The License Cancellation form and supporting documentation should be submitted through the Housing portal at the Housing section of the MTSU website.  Click on the icon under “Forms/Agreements” and then on the icon under “Cancellation Form”.

Can we have visitors or overnight guests? 

Visitors are allowed during visitation hours. All guests must be accompanied by their resident host during the entirety of the time they are present in the building. And, all guests must be signed in by their resident hosts at the front desk of the area. Overnight guests are permitted, but must be approved by the Area Coordinator of the area. The form needed for approval is located on the Housing portal. All visitation and guest policies apply and can be found in the Housing and Residential Life policies.

Am I allowed to have a pet on campus?

Pets are not permitted except for fish in aquariums of ten gallons or less.  This does not exclude accommodations for animals required pursuant to federal and/or state law.  Such animals may be present on any floor in any residential facility, and students with severe animal allergies should consider this information before applying to live on campus.


Virtual Tour

Housing assignment information comes to MTSU email accounts, so check often.

  • Meningococcal vaccination required for room assignment.

    Click here to upload your proof of meningitis to the Health Services Student Portal, or fax documentation to 615-898-5459.
  • Housing maintenance request call 615-898-4116 or Click here
  • Emergency maintenance requests after normal business hours – contact the front desk of your building for assistance