2009 MTSU Linguistics Olympiad Results

High School Team Results (ranked)

Riverdale High (Kayla Crumley, Heidi Klumpe, Nathan Porter, Whitney Williams) - 1st place
LaVergne High (Keira Biggs, Jered Chua, Jeremiah Griffin, Sherumika Perry) - 2nd place
Blackman High (Collin Lewis, Bagheera Odom, Wes Porter, Kristen Wendt) - 3rd place
Ravenwood High (Katie Armstrong, Amanda Hill, Danielle Raso) - Honorable Mention
Siegel High (Wolfie Boehm, Arian Nasab, Megan Smith, Tripp Stanford)
LaVergne High (Kaila Gilbert, Jacob Learned, Richard Souvannasy, Samantha Wheeler)
Riverdale High (Alexander Biven, David Klumpe, Dalton Lauderback, Emily Sellers)
Blackman High (Brooklynne Belll, Megan Marvin, Shelby Scott, Lina Whitaker)
LaVergne High (Jonny Brown, Joshua Evans, Jackson Myrick)
LaVergne High (Caterina Han, Madeline Lester, Gabriela Mancia)
Ravenwood High (Ben Rodgers, Rebecca Verner, Charlie Wysocki)
Siegel High (Amanda Cain, Cora Frye, Sabrina Skinner, Allie Wenisch)

Middle School Team Results (ranked)

Greenway School (Timothy Blackwell, Jonah Diegel, Sarah Margaret Hutchinson, Rowan Young) - 1st place
Greenway School (Annie Doan, Savannah Lockwood, Kiyoko Reidy, Ruth Simberloff) - 2nd place
Blackman Middle (Timothy Gass, Micah Haskins, Greer Kimbell) - 3rd place
Blackman Middle (Taylor Fitzpatrick, Madeline Johnson, Dylan Kelly, Blakely Matthews) - Honorable Mention
Siegel Middle (Tyler Cook, Derek Johnson, Darby McCarthy, Nausheen Qureshi)
Blackman Middle (Christopher Finotti, Makayla Fryman, Allison Logan)
Stewarts Creek Middle (McKayla Ames, Selena Sanchez, Dannis Tidwell, Genevieve Willis)
Christiana Middle (Chance Hulan, Nathaniel Nielsen, Takamori Yoshimoto)
Christiana Middle (Matthew Newhall, John Parr, Nathan Poplin)

Individual Competition Results


Jomya Lei (Ravenwood High) - 1st place
YooJin Sohn (Ravenwood High) - 2nd place
Mary Beth Willis (Siegel High) - 3rd place
Heather Listhartke (Blackman High) - Honorable Mention


Blaire Toedte (Greenway Middle) - 1st place

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