2010 MTSU Linguistics Olympiad Results

High School Team Results (ranked)

LaVergne High Team 1 - 1st place
Siegel High Team 2 - 2nd place
Siegel High Team 1 - 3rd place
Riverdale High Team 1 - Honorable Mention
Webb High Team 1
Siegel High Team 3
Blackman High Team 2
LaVergne High Team 2
Blackman High Team 1
LaVergne High Team 5
LaVergne High Team 4
Webb High Team 2
LaVergne High Team 6
Siegel High Team 4
LaVergne High Team 3

Middle School Team Results (ranked)

Greenway School - 1st place
Webb Middle Team 1 - 2nd place
Webb Middle Team 2 - 3rd place

Individual Competition Results

High School 

Aaron Browning (Blackman High) - 1st place
Ciyadh Wells (Riverdale High) - 2nd place

Middle School

Jolene Lei (Sunset Middle) - 1st place

Linguistics Olympiad Logo

Eleventh Annual MTSU
Linguistics Olympiad

Do you like . . .

…solving word puzzles?
…tackling linguistic challenges?
…deciphering coded messages?

If so, join students from across Tennessee at this year’s MTSU Linguistics Olympiad. 

Compete for medals and prizes, play word games, and meet other budding linguists.

When: Saturday, March 16, 2019

Where: BAS Building, MTSU

Cost: $15