2011 MTSU Linguistics Olympiad Results

High School Team Results (ranked)

LaVergne High (Kaila Gilbert, Jacob Learned, Alexis Jeanty, Madeline Lester) - 1st place
Siegel High (Hunter Swenson, Imani Chatman, Brian Allen, Caroline Daws) - 2nd place
Siegel High (Aaron Lewis, Jorge Hurtado, John Schultz, Jin Kim) - 3rd place
Siegel High (Allie Clayton, Hannah Kim, Claudette Sariya, Amanda Bailey) - Honorable Mention
Riverdale High (Emily Sellers, Biven Alexander, Ciyadh Wells, Alex Cunningham) - Honorable Mention
Webb High (Carson Bryant, Micah Rasnick, Jason Lee, Caitie Connor) - Honorable Mention
Siegel High (Araceli Vasquez, Yashna Krishnamani, Dan Sholly, Krista Glover)
Webb High (Woochan Jeong, John Dong, Radha Yerramilli, Adam Mansel)
Webb High (Ben Riggs, Vijay Putatunda, Helen Bartlett, Sawyer Bodle)
LaVergne High (Courtney Martinez, Pamela Souksavath, Caterina Han)
Webb High (Cameron Tongrye, Jennifer Da, Haena Lee, Baylor Bishop)
Siegel High (Chelsea Pennycuff, Kori Garmon, Justin Ramsey, Tyler Juergens)
LaVergne High (Ewin Hilliard, Elizabeth Hudson, Eryka Zelaya)
LaVergne High (Quincy Banks, Marci Greene, Nathaniel Hailey)

Middle School Team Results (ranked)

Greenway School (Zoe Dempsey, Benjamin Toedte, Abby Huber, Lindsey Hannah) - 1st place
Sunset Middle (Jolene Lei, Amy Ouyang)—2nd place
Greenway School (Annie Doan, Jake Yancey, Jake Green) - 3rd place
Webb Middle (McKenna Hoover, Katie Carter, Hannah Pozzebon, Ashleigh King) - Honorable Mention

Individual Competition Results

High School

Brooke Barnes (Siegel High) - 1st place

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