Offering a Blended Classroom at MTSU

A blended or flipped classroom approach is an effective pedagogy instructors across disciplines are using to increase student engagement both inside and outside of the classroom. While the LT&ITC offers consulting and support for redesigning courses, there has not been a faculty learning community (FLC) effort towards identifying best practices in offering a redesigned class that utilizes technology in the classroom at MTSU. Many instructors have used or are currently using various tools and technologies to increase student participation and preparation in their courses. It would be highly beneficial for a new instructor or an instructor who has never offered a blended classroom to have certain guidelines in order to establish and develop their course content. This FLC will not only discuss all the issues and challenges in developing a blended/flipped class but will also provide common benchmarks for educators who want to incorporate this concept. There is not currently any formal training for faculty who are interested in utilizing a blended classroom approach. This FLC will enable radical rethinking of how we offer classes at MTSU as well as help those who want to fundamentally change the way their classes are taught for student success. This FLC does not propose offering distance learning courses but a course redesign which enables using technologies to support and enhance on-ground classroom learning and student engagement.


An ideal participant would be the faculty who is implementing technology in classroom learning environment as well as faculty who are interested in learning the best practices to use technology in classroom to enhance students’ learning experiences. There will be a total of 8 members, who represent a multitude of academic disciplines throughout the campus.


Dr. Vishwas N. Bedekar (Engineering Technology)