Teaching Trios FLC

Teaching Trios: Sharing Our Classrooms to Promote Faculty Reflection on Teaching and Learning

The intended goals of the Teaching Trios FLC are twofold:

Goal 1: (For the FLC participants) To promote productive discussion and reflection on teaching and learning among FLC participants, who are also faculty in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS).                

Goal 2: (For the representative departments of FLC participants) To develop a formative process useful and unique to each represented department in CBAS, which promotes productive discussion and reflection on teaching and learning.

As a whole, the Teaching Trios FLC serves as one of several initiatives directed by the CBAS Committee on Teaching to promote a culture of active reflection on classroom teaching and learning within the college. The main activity is to have participating faculty work together in their departmental three-person teams to observe one another’s instruction using research-supported observation protocols and then to use what they learn to consider how to best promote reflection on teaching and learning within their respective departments.

Member Composition:

Teams of three faculty members from within four of the CBAS departments will constitute the participants of the Teaching Trios FLC (3 x 4 = 12 total participants). Each team of three should represent a diversity of rank and professional interests, when possible. So, for example, in the Department of Biology, a team of three may include a new faculty hire, an associate professor, and a full professor. Moreover, the team may include an ecologist, a biology education researcher, and a molecular biologist.

Each CBAS department will be invited to apply for the Teaching Trios FLC. We will encourage teams of three from within a department to self-select and apply to participate in the FLC. Each team will be asked to write a brief (1 paragraph) reflection on what they hope to gain from their participation in the FLC (at the individual level and at the departmental level). If more than four teams apply, we will use these narratives to select the four teams whose goals are best aligned with the FLC project goals.


Dr. Sarah Bleiler-Baxter, Department of Mathematical Sciences

If you are interested in participating in this particular FLC, please complete the application.