FRCAC FAQ Decision Guide

Name of the Grant: Faculty Research and Creative Activity

  1. Funding Allowances/Restrictions

    Does this grant provide funding for
    1. Personnel?
      1. Academic year faculty course release/reassign time? Yes
      2. Academic year faculty stipends (i.e., extra pay)? No
      3. Summer faculty stipends (i.e., extra pay)? Yes
      4. Full-time Temporary (non-tenure-track) faculty? No
      5. Adjunct (non-tenure-track) faculty? No
      6. Academic year graduate or undergraduate student support? Yes
      7. Summer graduate or undergraduate student support? Yes
      * Students are supported as assistants on faculty projects; they cannot apply independently.

    2. Equipment and Travel?
      1. Equipment/supplies/materials? Yes
      2. Travel to a workshop or training program? No*
      3. Travel to attend a conference? No*
      *Only in extraordinary circumstances and only if required to collect data or otherwise needed for the project; the committee rarely to never funds attendance or travel to workshop or conference.

    3. Does this grant provide funds for projects longer than one year?  No

    4. Does this grant have restrictions on or preferences for when faculty may reapply after having received an award? Yes- preference for faculty members who have no received an award for two years or more; when funding is granted, the recipient will not be eligible to receive new funding until 12 months have passed; except for reassigned time and summer salary grants, no individual shall have more than two projects funded in a period of six years.

    5. Does the grant committee prioritize proposals according to faculty status (e.g., rank, tenured, tenure-track)? Yes- preference is given to untenured faculty at rank of Assistant or Associate Professor.

    6. Does the grant committee restrict proposals according to faculty status (e.g., rank, tenured, tenure-track)? Yes- summer salary will not be available to full professors. It is rare for full professors to receive funding.

  2. Major Positive and Negative Aspects of Proposals for this Grant
    1. What are the most important attributes of successful proposals?
      1. Thorough proposal written for a layperson
      2. Adherence to proposal instructions
      3. New activity versus continuing activity

    2. What are the most important attributes of unsuccessful proposals?
      1. Poorly written, missing necessary parts
      2. Budget over the $10,000 maximum

    3. Does your committee allow revisions or resubmissions of rejected proposals? Yes- resubmission is not allowed during the current round, but is encouraged for the next round (two rounds per academic year)

  3. Details of Awards for this Grant
    1. Total funds available in past year: ~$170,000
    2. Mean grant size funded in past year: $5,487
    3. Range of grants awarded in past year: $700 to $11,060 (two person grant)
    4. Number of awards funded in past year: 30
    5. Does your committee use proportionate awarding of funds (e.g., a certain % allocated for each funding deadline)? No- we award more in the Fall because we get more proposals, but we don’t stick with a certain percentage.

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