Faculty Research and Creative Activity Committee (FRCAC)

The FAQ Decision Guide provides information (from the perspective of the grant committees and their chairs) to complement the published criteria. Much of this information has been provided by the most recent (former and/or incoming) grant committee chairs.

The Faculty Research and Creative Activity Committee (FRCAC) is responsible to the VP for Research for reviewing and recommending grant awards to faculty members in support of scholarly activity. Proposals are reviewed three times during the academic year. The following outline provides information regarding the types of awards, the application and review procedures, some guidelines for preparing the proposals, and the criteria used in evaluating proposals. Faculty members submitting proposals are strongly urged to read and follow these guidelines carefully.

Because of the diversity of disciplines on campus, proposals can vary by the type of activity pursued, the time frame for which funding is being requested, and the funding category for which the award is considered. Since these factors inform the review process, particular attention should be given to details specific to those categories. Grants are available for both Research and Creative Activity. Proposals requesting Summer Salary will be considered if submitted on or before the Fall deadline only.

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