Non-Instructional Assignment Grant

The purpose of the NIA grant is to relieve faculty members from all faculty duties for one semester at full pay (12 hours reassigned time) or for one academic year at half pay (6 hours reassigned time per semester) in order to pursue research, publication, or creative activity opportunities. The committee encourages applicants to submit proposals that involve on-campus or off-campus research/creative activity, internships, and fellowships in order to broaden the body of knowledge available to MTSU faculty and through them, to MTSU students and the wider community.

The NIA Committee will evaluate and recommend for approval applications for non- instructional assignments. The committee will use the three part committee charge as the foundation of their review and assessment of proposals. The three part charge states that “The purposes of non-instructional assignments are: (1) to contribute to the professional growth of the faculty; (2) to improve the teaching and curriculum across the University; and (3) to enhance scholarship and academic excellence of the University in ways that cannot be accomplished under the constraints of regular workload assignments.”

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