Women in the Curriculum Grant FAQ Decision Guide

Name of the Grant: Curriculum Integration Grant

  1. Funding Allowances/Restrictions
    1. Does this grant provide funding for:
      1. Personnel
        1. Academic year faculty course release/reassign time? No
        2. Academic year faculty stipends (i.e., extra pay)? No
        3. Summer faculty stipends (i.e., extra pay)? Yes
        4. Full-time Temporary (non-tenure-track) faculty? No
        5. Adjunct (non-tenure-track) faculty? No
        6. Academic year graduate or undergraduate student support? No
        7. Summer graduate or undergraduate student support? No

      2. Equipment and Travel*
        1. Equipment/supplies/materials? N/A
        2. Travel to a workshop or training program? N/A
        3. Travel to attend a conference? N/A
        *These categories aren’t applicable for our grants—which are flat $1,800 stipends for faculty who are revising or creating a course that integrates the experiences and perspectives of women. The stipends are paid for work done in the summer. We do not require the submission of a budget with the proposals.

      3. Does this grant provide funds for projects longer than one year? No

      4. Does this grant have restrictions on or preferences for when faculty may reapply after having received an award? Yes. Faculty cannot apply for these summer grants if they have received this award sometime in the past four years.

      5. Does the grant committee prioritize proposals according to faculty status (e.g., rank, tenured, tenure-track)? No.

      6. Does the grant committee restrict proposals according to faculty status (e.g., rank, tenured, tenure- track)? Yes. Applicant must be tenured or tenure-track.

  2. Major Positive and Negative Aspects of Proposals for this Grant
    1. What have been the most common or frequent “gray” areas where submitters have been confused or inaccurate about the grant funding criteria? Our guidelines specify that applicants must cite sources on the theories and methods of curriculum integration (i. e. sources about the pedagogical foundation for their approach to integrating women into the curriculum). Often the applicant does not include such sources in the required bibliography. As one way to begin addressing this, we donated at least one book on curriculum integration to LT&ITC last fall, and hopefully we will be able to donate more in future years.

    2. What are the most important attributes of successful proposals? Successful proposals demonstrate a commitment to innovative teaching techniques as well as careful consideration of the intersection of women's concerns with notions about race/ethnicity, class, and sexual orientation. The strongest proposals show a commitment to integrating women throughout the course, rather than inserting a short unit about women into an otherwise unchanged syllabus.

    3. What are the most important attributes of unsuccessful proposals? Weak proposals are the ones that do not fully integrate women into the course. Instead they include women in the curriculum as an addendum or tangent. Another attribute of a weak proposal is that it looks at gender issues without situating it into larger issues of class, ethnicity, race, and/or sexual orientation.

    4. Does your committee allow revisions or resubmissions of rejected proposals? Yes. Unsuccessful applicants are invited to discuss the proposal with the committee chair, so that they can submit stronger applications at the next funding cycle, though these grants are only offered once a year, so they will have to wait 12 months before resubmitting.

  3. Details of Awards for this Grant
    1. Total funds available in past year: $5,400
    2. Mean grant size funded in past year: $1,800 (3 awards of $1,800 made each year)
    3. Range of grants awarded in past year: $1,800
    4. Number of awards funded in past year: 3
    5. Does your committee use proportionate awarding of funds (e.g., a certain % allocated for each funding deadline)? No. These funds are only offered once every AY.

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