Mentoring Resources and Guides


Mentoring instructional faculty assists in increased student learning


Mentoring clinical scientists cultivates the researchers of tomorrow 


Opportunities for junior faculty to engage in service enhances acclimation to the Department and the University 

Facilitation Tools 

  • Faculty Mentoring Program

    This guide has checklists, mentoring partnership agreement, Individual Development Plan, Model of Hierarchy of Supportive Work Relationships 

Mentee Resources

  • Career Success Through Mentoring

    This guide encourages a mentee to formulate career goals to be assisted with and evaluation questions to access if mentor is meeting needs of the mentoring relationship. It emphasizes why you might need a mentor as well as creating networks in and outside of your institution.
  • How to Get the Mentoring You Want: A Guide for Graduate Students
    This guide discussed the whys and hows of a mentoring relationship. It addresses how to change mentors, and the transition from mentor to a colleague.