Middle East Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary Minor in Middle East Studies is designed to provide a foundation for increased understanding of the people and cultures of the Middle East.

Requirements for Minor – 18 credits

  1.  Required Courses – 9 credits

    3 credits - Introduction to Middle East Studies MES2100
    6 credits - Two courses in Middle East Languages.
    Currently MTSU offers: Arabic 1010, 1020, 2010, and 2020 and Hebrew 1010, 1020, 2010 and 2020. 

    Languages such as Persian, Kurdish, Turkish, and Pashto may also be considered for transfer credit, with approval from Minor Advisor.
  2. Guided Electives – 9 credits from the courses listed below, no more than 2 courses of electives can be taken in any one discipline. The courses listed below are all 3 credits each.
  • Geography of the Middle East, GEOG4500
    • Topics in Modern Middle East History, HIST3080
    • The Medieval Mediterranean World, HIST4420
    • The Middle East, HIST4440
    • Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, RS4050
    • Middle East Politics, PS3190
    • Contemporary Middle East Culture, UH4600
    • Communication in the Middle East, COMM3570
    • Comparative Foreign Policies and International Relations of the Middle East, PS4690
    • Music of the Middle East, MUHL4140
    • Topics in World History: France and the Middle East, HIST3070
    • Women of the Middle East: Representations and Perceptions, HUM4000

For any questions contact:

Dr. Allen Hibbard
Professor, English
Middle East Studies Minor Advisor
104 Midgett
(615) 494-8809