Student-Veteran Awards

Journey Award:

This award is presented to the graduating student-veteran who has overcome significant adversity and transitioned into the unsung hero for student-veterans and the Daniels Center. This person leads by example, participates in events, and helps wherever it is needed. This award is for a humble servant-leader, who does not seek recognition, but contributes so that others may prosper. 


  • Overcome significant adversity
  • Engaged in the life of MTSU/Daniels Center
  • Servant leader

Veteran Leadership Award:

This award is given to the graduating student-veteran who has demonstrated superior leadership, academic achievement, and selfless service to MTSU and the community. This individual is at the forefront of all Daniels Center events, and continuously strives to advance the academic/transition experience for all student-veterans. 


  • Recommended GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Community/Daniels Center service

If you would like to nominate a graduating senior for one of these awards, please send Dr. Hilary Miller their name by TBA.

Dr. Hilary Miller     

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Dr. Hilary Miller
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