For Employers

MTSU, the College of Basic & Applied Sciences, and the Jennings A. Jones College of Business created the Master of Science in Professional Science (MSPS) program to provide middle Tennessee with a best-educated and well-trained STEM workforce.  To that end, we are always looking to partner with companies and institutions to ensure our students are getting this valuable, leading-edge education. 


As part of the MSPS degree, students must complete a capstone internship where they apply what they have learned.  Since students must complete a majority of their graduate coursework before this internship, they bring advanced STEM knowledge, high-level business competency, and immense value to their workplace…so much so that over 70% of our students have been hired or offered a job at their internship.

MSPS internships

  • can be paid or unpaid,
  • must begin around the same time as an academic semester (January, May, or August),
  • must apply both their business and STEM expertise,
  • and must be at least 250 hours (MSPS Internship Guidelines). 

If your company or institution has internships available, regularly or just occasionally, we would be happy to work with you to fill them with our talented, dedicated students.  Email Suzanne Hicks if you have information about current openings, program information you would like us to distribute to our students, or for more information about our degree programs. 

Class Projects

Sometimes your company has a problem that only an outside group can solve.  We are often invited by industry partners to help develop solutions through a class project in one of our MSPS courses.  Email Suzanne Hicks  if you would like to know more. 

Advisory Board

An industry advisory board is a vital component of a professional science master’s degree program.  We require input from companies and institutions to maintain our programs’ educational value and to continue their world-class STEM workforce development. 

The MSPS Program Advisory Board meets once every year in April to review current courses, covered materials, and program requirements.  We then discuss what needs to be added, eliminated, updated, or augmented.  Many of our advisory board members are passionate about our programs because of their great experiences with MSPS interns and/or alumni.

If you would like to join our Advisory Board, please email Bethany Lawson to set up a meeting.