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In place of writing a thesis, MSPS students must complete a 250-hour internship that applies what they have learned in both business and science. Therefore, students may only do their internships near the end of their MSPS studies.  

Internship Eligibility Requirements

  • Completion of at least 21 hours of coursework
  • Completion of BCED 6820 Managerial Communication
  • Additionally, we STRONGLY recommend students only take one additional class during their internship semester, especially during the summer

Please review the MSPS Program Internship Guidelines for more information and program guidelines.

When you are ready to look for your internship, please make an appointment with Suzanne Hicks.

Steps For Getting A Great Internship

  1. Starting your first semester, research companies and institutions that interest you and find out what they are looking for in an employee.  Remember:  over 70% of MSPS students are offered a position at their place of internship, so this proactive research is critical to your future success and career.
  2. Network, network, network.  The students who never have a problem finding an internship are the the ones who MAKE their internship through networking.  
  3. In the first weeks of the semester before you plan to do your internship, contact the MSPS Graduate Coordinator  to schedule a meeting to develop a search plan.  
  4. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to find an internship.  All students in their second year of study are expected to attend the MSPS Internship Presentation Day events and bring their resumes to network.  
  5. Students must have secured their internship 2 weeks before classes begin in order to be enrolled in the Internship class.

Places to look for an internship:
MSPS Previous Internship Placement Page
Career Fair Connections Application Instructions (be sure to create an account)

NOTE:  due to the internship degree requirements for the MSPS programs, the MSPS Graduate Coordinator cannot help students outside of these programs obtain an internship, or help current MSPS students secure jobs/internships outside their BCED 6910 internship.  Any internship or job opportunities we receive that do not meet our programs' requirements are forwarded to the appropriate department.  

After You Are Offered An Internship Position

The internship course for the MSPS program is BCED 6910, administered by the MSPS Internship Coordinator Dr. Robert B. Blair.  Once you have been offered a position that meets the MSPS Internship Guidelines, make sure you complete the following:

  1. Complete the Student Internship Application form, which includes getting your program coordinator's signature for approval.
  2. Have your internship employer complete the Employer Data Sheet.
  3. Submit both to Dr. Robert B. Blair.
  4. Once your application has been accepted, Dr. Robert B. Blair will allow you to register for BCED 6910.

BCED 6910 Internship Program Course Requirements

  • BCED 6910 is a required course for graduation.  Its coursework includes your internship employer's evaluations, journal entries, final presentation, and portfolio.  
  • Internship must be completed within the scope of one semester (see FAQ below regarding starting early). Incompletes are not given for failure to complete required hours within a single semester.
  • BCED 6910 requires use of the D2L learning management system.
  • Attendance at Internship Presentations (typically on Study Day each semester) is mandatory.
  • Once a commitment has been made and approval granted, internship site should not be changed or modified.

Internship FAQ

What if I am an international student without a work visa?

Since BCED 6910 is a class that is required for graduation, international students who do not have permission to work in the United States can still complete an internship in the United States through the class.  International students with F1 visas are required to obtain work authorization before beginning work. Students must contact the office of international affairs to apply for work authorization.

Contact the Office of International Affairs for help with any paperwork your internship employer may ask for.  

Will I also have to write a thesis to obtain an MSPS degree?

No, the internship takes the place of writing a thesis. You will be obtaining "real world"; working experience instead of writing the thesis.

Will the internship be a paid position?

Ideally, the internship will be a paid position, but that is entirely up to the employer.

Can I start my internship before the beginning of the semester?

The internship should begin and end around the same time as an academic semester. Please contact Dr. Robert B. Blair to get permission to start your internship before the first day of the semester. 

May I complete an internship at the place I already am employed?

You may complete your internship at the place you currently are employed if it is approved by your program coordinator, internship coordinator, and employer. Internships at your place of employment will require a project or duties outside the scope of your current job description and should involve a different supervisor.


Dr. Saeed Foroudastan
Dr. Saeed Foroudastan, Ph.D.
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For more information on our program, please make an appointment with Suzanne Hicks.

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Suzanne Hicks
MSPS Graduate Coordinator
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