2017 Summer Institute Resources

Introduction to MT Engage
Presented by Mary Hoffschwelle
Integrative Thinking: What is it? Why do we do it?
Presented by Dianna Rust
Critical Reflection: Why and how?
Supplement: EXL Reflective Thinking Rubric
Supplement: Borton's Reflection Framework
Supplement: Sample Reflection Questions
Supplement: 8 Principles for Experiential Learning
Presented by Carol Swayze, Patrick Richey, and Caty Chapman
The MT Engage Rubric and Assessment
Presented by Michelle Boyer-Pennington and Scott McDaniel
ePortfolio Pedagogy
Supplement: ePortfolios: the 11th HIP
Supplement: Peet et al on ePortfolio
Presented by Lara Daniel and Mary Hoffschwelle
D2L ePortfolio Workshop
Supplement: How to build an ePortfolio
Presented by Scott Haupt, Lexy Denton and Dianna Rust
Syllabus and Signature Assignment Workshop
Presented by Mary Hoffschwelle
Student Opportunities
Presented by Lexy Denton

Additional Materials

MT Engage Rubric for Integrative and Reflective Thinking
MT Engage End of Course Survey
MT Engage Pedagogy Reading List prepared by Jason Vance

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