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2023 LGBT+ College Conference

The 2023 LGBT+ College Conference will be held on Middle Tennessee State University's campus April 13-15, 2023. There will be an option to attend virtually. All posted times are for the central time zone.

How can advisors, faculty, and student affairs staff improve retention and outcomes for LGBT+ students?

The LGBT+ College Conference is packed with ideas and strategies to leverage our presenters' expertise into student success.
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LGBT+ students are at a greater risk of experiencing difficulties than their non-LGBT+ peers

  • "...it is within the higher education context that many students begin to explore and/or disclose their sexual identities, positioning college and university environments with potentially high levels of influence on this process" (Dugan & Yurman, 2011, p. 201).
  • "Reviews of published campus climate studies for GLBT students universally indicate that these students experience discrimination, harassment, and fear and that the campus climate for them is chilly at best" (Brown, Clarke, Gortmaker, & Robinson-Keilig, 2004, p. 8).
  • "Taken together, this information suggests that LGBTQ students may face a great deal of adversity from the campus climate. Best practices information shows that campuses can change their policies, procedures, and facilities to be more inclusive" (Tetreault, Fette, Meidlinger, & Hope, 2013, p. 950).

How can you improve your campus climate for LGBT+ students?

The LGBT+ College Conference offers opportunities to explore these issues with experts and thought-leaders from academia and beyond. Learn about the latest research and develop concrete interventions to implement on your campus. Enjoy conference programming designed for advisors, faculty, and student affairs staff.
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Want to learn more about the LGBT+ College Conference?

Check out the LGBT+ College Conference schedule and information.
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Benefits for administrators, faculty, advisors, and student affairs staff:

  • Get information about challenges faced by LGBT+ students and concrete strategies to address those challenges.
  • Advisor/faculty events to maximize your experience.
  • An opportunity to socialize with students and your peers at the conference.
  • Registration for the LGBT+ College Conference is free, and you are encouraged to attend all events. We want your input and participation!
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Conference Contacts

Program Presentation and Participation
Professor William Langston (he/him; William.Langston@mtsu.edu)
Sponsorships and Support
Development Director Paul Wydra (he/him; Paul.Wydra@mtsu.edu)
Corporate and Community Engagement

Advisory Board Chair Justin Reed (he/him; Justin.Reed@mtsu.edu)

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