Community Standards

MT Lambda's Community Standards are a synopsis of the core values that lay at the heart of the organization. all members and their guests are expected to uphold and abide by these standards.

No Outing Policy: MT Lambda members will never disclose a person's sexual orientation or gender identity, not even to another member or guest of MT Lambda. This includes our straight allies as well. Always be careful of who you're tagging on social media sites or posting pictures of online. Not all members/guests of MT Lambda are out to their friends and families, and not all straight allies want their support to be made public.

Value of Honesty: The notion of personal honesty and academic integrity is central to the existence of the MTSU community, MT Lambda, and the broader LGBTQIA+ Community.

Respect for Diversity: The MTSU community is composed of individuals representing different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and cultures. MT Lambda embraces and celebrates this diversity as a pillar of its strength. Members of MT Lambda should always refer to someone by their correct personal pronouns (he, she, they, etc). If you're unsure of someone's pronouns, don't be afraid to ask.

Commitment to the Community: Members of MT Lambda will be good stewards of the University's resources and will not engage in conduct which damages or exploits the University, organization, or broader LGBTQIA+ and Allied community. MT Lambda is a professional student organization and members' personal lives should be kept separate from MT Lambda functions or events. Remember, as a member of MT Lambda, you're a reflection of the organization and the LGBTQIA+ and Allied community.

Freedom of Expression: The MTSU community is a marketplace of ideas and opinions. MT Lambda members are encouraged to freely communicate their ideas and opinions concerning issues both within and outside the organization. As a member of MT Lambda you may not always agree with other members' ways of doing things and you may not agree with everything another member says. MT Lambda members will discuss differences in views and opinions and never attack another member for having a varying viewpoint or idea.

Respect for Community: MT Lambda brings together students and community members from vastly different walks of life. As such, all of our members are expected to be respectful of others and act in a professional manner at all times. While at MT Lambda functions our members are expected to refrain from derogatory, defamatory, or pejorative language.

Always be True Blue: All members of MT Lambda should uphold the university's True Blue Pledge. Our community standards extend to social media sites and members should always be mindful of their actions and any consequences they may have for the organization.

Officer Open Door Policy: Our officers are here to serve the members of MT Lambda and to ensure every member's safety while at MT Lambda functions or events. Never be afraid to approach an officer if you have an idea for a future event or have any questions about MT Lambda; don't forget we have weekly office hours. If at any time a member of MT Lambda is feeling unsafe, unwelcome, or has a concern they would like to discuss with an officer, our door is always open. Members should always approach an officer with their concerns or issues when they occur; not weeks after. Our advisor is also available to discuss issues with members.

Lambda hosts weekly meetings and membership is open to all currently enrolled MTSU students who act in good faith of Lambda's Constitution and Community Standards. Membership dues are announced at the beginning of each academic year and can be paid at any time.