Welcome to the MTSU Game Room!

General Information

The Game Room is located on the first floor of the Student Union building beside the food court and ATM's. Admission is free for any MTSU student (with MTSU ID). Students are responsible for all damages to equipment, including damages.

Anyone entering the Game Room will be required to provide a valid MTSU Student ID

The Game Room features:

  • 6 Pool tables
  • 2 Ping Pong tables
  • 1 Air Hockey Table
  • 1 HD TV projector 
  • 5 HD TVs
  • 2 Gaming stations with Nintento Switch and PS5

If you are interested in renting the Game Room for a private function, please review our rates and information below

Game Room Rules of Conduct

  1. Follow all University-wide measures.
  2. Be respectful of all Game Room staff and patrons. No cursing or name-calling.
  3. Do not sit or lean on pool tables for shots. Do not move any gaming tables.
  4. No masse or jump shots. Do not aim cue downwards at felt.
  5. Do not hit ping pong paddles against the table.
  6. Equipment should never leave the Game Room. Do not leave any equipment unattended.
  7. Headphones must be used when listening to personal music.
  8. No food or drink on pool or ping pong tables.
  9. Always wear shoes while in the Game Room and in the Student Union.
  10. Equipment must be checked in and out by the same person. You may not trade equipment. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in removal from the Game Room possibly including University Police and/or Office of Student Conduct involvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are only students allowed? 

Currently, admission to the Game Room is open to current MTSU students with their valid Blue ID. ID's are swiped to verify enrollment, anyone without an ID or with an invalid ID will be turned away. The Game Room is also available for rent to student organizations, departments, and private functions. Please see information below for procedures on renting the Game Room. If you are an on-campus department interested in utilizing the Game Room for another function, please complete our online Facility Request form

Q: How do I rent the Game Room? 
The Game Room is available for rental for private functions to student organizations ($75 fee), departments ($125 fee), and the public ($200 fee). Reservations are limited to 2 hours in addition to a 30 minute setup and 30 minute breakdown time (3 hours total). Rentals will not be allowed to be scheduled outside the building hours (this includes set-up and break-down). In order to reserve the space, an initial request is made to MT Unions.

Because of the uniqueness of the space, during the "academic year" (September through May), the Game Room is available for one (1) reservation per day and reserves the right to deny reservations on weekends. During non-academic times, the Game Room is also available for reservation. As is MTSU Policy 5 business days are required for all rental use. This will ensure that staff coverage is available and that all patrons are alerted to any altering of normal business hours. 

A special note to potential users of the Game Room: This facility's primary mission is to serve the students at Middle Tennessee State University. Please consider this environment when you plan your event, especially when guests are young children.

Costs include: staffing, clean up, use/maintenance of equipment and rental fees. Rental rates are subject to change upon annual review and market adjustments. Additional fees could be assessed if the Game Room is rented after normal Game Room facility hours, if a MT Union staff member is required, in cases of excess clean up, or damage to any equipment or accessories as a result of intended misuse by the organization.


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