The Order of St. Hubert at MTSU

Count Franz Anton von Sporck of Bohemia instituted the Order of St. Hubert in 1695.  St. Hubert, being the patron saint of the hunt, and Count von Sporck are both part of the early tradition of the horn.  Count von Sporck is responsible for the introduction of the horn into Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) after bringing the instrument back with him from a visit to the court of Versailles in the spring of 1682.  The horn grew in popularity in Bohemia and horn playing there was cultivated to the extent that Bohemian horn players were generally acknowledged to be the best in Europe by the 18th century. 

St. Hubert Medal St. Hubert Medal

Count Sporck would honor his valued friends and supporters with induction into the Order of St. Hubert.  At MTSU, we honor the tradition of Count Sporck and his contributions to the horn by bestowing upon high achieving horn players the status of Master of the Order of St. Hubert upon completion of their first recital.

Grand Master of the Order:

Angela. DeBoer

Masters of the Order:
Sean Brabston
Holly Smith
Maryam Nemati
Jacob Campbell
Marina Loza

Marilin Kelley
HA Hoffman
Jacob Campbell
Liam McBane*
Nathan Stone
Lane Johnson
Holly Smith
Robin Kinney
Mikaela Ray
Sean Brabston

Alexandra Escudero
Deborah Hickey
Michael CollinsJohn Sells
Amelia Honea
Rebecca Easley
Justin Barr

Tara Kloostra
Andrew England
John Park Horner
Ana Valenzuela
Stephanie McKeel
R. Michael Rosson
Hannah Tilton
Ion Marina Uifalean
Sean Donovan