Community Outreach Success Stories

"Now a word about the importance of community partnership… this university is located in vibrant Rutherford County, in the state's sixth largest city, and in a rapidly urbanizing, rapidly industrializing region of the state. My vision for our joint future is a simple one - we want to engage with you, and we want you to engage with us every day of every year. If we do that, I believe we will all benefit in ways we cannot now even imagine.";

Dr. Sidney A. McPhee, Inaugural Address, April, 19, 2002

The Office for Community Engagement and Support is excited about the Community Outreach that the campus is involved in and the related success stories. We assist in providing accessible forums for community to provide input into what we do and we work with them in assessing ways that we can continue to provide value to the broader community as well as to our immediate neighbors.

Spring Valley

Franklin County High School

Neighborhood Tea