Online Faculty Mentoring (OFM) Community Program Underway

Online Faculty Mentoring (OFM) Community Program Underway

Online Faculty Mentoring (OFM) Community

The Online Faculty Mentoring (OFM) Community program is underway for the current academic year. 

The program is a cross-campus community of practice championing online teaching and learning. Focused on topics relating to online teaching and learning, participation is open to adjunct, full-time temporary (FTT), tenure-track, and/or tenured MTSU faculty regardless of online experience. Groups are facilitated by experienced online instructors.

We currently have 10 faculty mentors (OFMs) and 40 group members.

Our OFMs are:

  • Mark Abolins, Geosciences
  • Layne Bryant, University College
  • Jenn Caputo, Exercise Science
  • Dorothy Craig, Educational Leadership
  • Terry Goodin, Educational Leadership
  • Holly Hebert, Library Science
  • Joan McRae, French
  • Vickie Montgomery, Management
  • Elizabeth Stephens, Communication
  • Warrent Tormey, English

The OFMs lead community conversation groups on the following topics:

  • Active Learning and Engagement Online: Small steps that can make a big difference (Book Group using ideas from Small Teaching Online by Flower Darby and James M. Lang) - led by Mark Abolins and Joan McRae
  • Problem-Based Learning and Effective Grouping Strategies to Increase Engagement - led by Terry Goodin and Elizabeth Stephens
  • Making Life Easier for Online Faculty - led by Vickie Montgomery and Warren Tormey
  • The Online Human Connection: Presence, Engagement, and Community - led by Layne Bryant, Jenn Caputo, Dorothy Craig, and Holly Hebert

OFM groups meet three times a semester, and our OFMs currently serve a two year term. OFMs and group participants are paid a stipend to participate in the program.

To learn more about how to become an OFM or participate in an OFM community conversation group, visit our overview of the Online Faculty Mentor program.