Faculty Incentive Program


The purpose of this revised procedure is to ensure that the Principal Investigators/Program Directors, Departments, and the Colleges/Centers are provided with appropriate "incentives"; to continue to enhance their extramural funding activity and to invest in areas of strategic interest to facilitate the growth of research, creativity, and public service capacity at MTSU.

Distribution Formula

The distributions of awards under the Faculty Incentive Program have historically been based on the amount of "collected" indirects. Many institutions (including MTSU) have used this criterion as an objective metric to provide incentives to their investigators. At MTSU, we will continue to use this methodology to determine the value of the awards in the Faculty Incentive Program. For all new or continuing renewal of extramural grants and contracts awarded on or after October 01, 2004, the following Faculty Incentive Award procedure has been established:

College/Center Department PI
% of Faculty Incentive Award 10% 10% 10% 10% 30% 30%


Limitations of Faculty Incentive Award Accounts

On a quarterly basis, the Faculty Incentive Award account (2-2 accounts) will receive the credits based on the abovementioned distribution formula. In compliance with Federal and State guidelines some "generic" limitations are imposed on the use of funds in these Research Incentive accounts:

  • The account must always maintain a positive cash balance
  • Any charge that is allowable in the University system may be charged to the incentive account (e.g., salaries, equipment, supplies, etc.)
  • This account will remain active as long as the PI is associated with the University and the account has a positive cash balance. If a PI leaves the University or retires, the residual balance in the account will revert to the PI's department/center for use