Disabled Parking

Any person, whether student or employee, may apply for disabled parking privileges.

For parking on the MTSU campus, persons must have a state-issued license plate or placard to obtain a disabled parking permit. Persons must prove ownership of the state-issued plate or placard. Persons must have a MTSU disabled parking permit to ensure access to privileges and rights of an MTSU student to employee.

Temporary Disabled Parking Permits

Temporary permits will be issued for injuries or disabilities for a period not to exceed one (1) semester to four (4) consecutive months; (whichever is of the greatest benefit to the individual requesting the permit), provided that the request is accompanied by a physician's statement, certifying the impairment. Those with temporary permits must park in white or green spaces only. Blue disabled parking spaces are reserved for those holding permanent disabled parking permits. Those holding temporary state-issued disabled placards may also park in the blue disabled spaces.