SECTION 2: Registration of Motor Vehicles

: All motorized vehicles operated on the campus of MTSU must be registered with the Parking and Transportation Services Office. Any vehicle parked on campus must have a current valid parking permit displayed in the vehicle.

2-2: Parking permits are issued only after all registration fees are paid. Permits are issued at the Parking and Transportation Services Office located at 205 City View Drive. In order to receive your permit, you must bring a photo ID to the office and have your license plate number with you. The issuance of permits will be limited to one permit per person with the exception of Womack Lane Apartments residents and Area Coodinators (who will be allowed two permits per family) and those who also have a motorcycle (who will be allowed a permit for a vehicle and two (2) sticker permit for motorcycles). All registrants will be responsible for their issued permits through the expiration date on the permit.  Student permits will be renewed each semester through tuition payment and fees.

2-3: The registrant of a permit will be responsible for parking violations received by any vehicle bearing his/her parking permit. Permits may only be used by the permit holder registered with Parking and Transportation Services. Dependents, friends, and/or associates of any authorized permit holder are not authorized to use that person's permit while parking for their personal convenience.


    1. White - Available to Faculty/Administrators/Staff (including resident directors and graduate assistants). Vehicles displaying white permits also are permitted in Red and Green parking areas. Faculty, administrators, and staff may not transfer their permit to any student (or student vehicle). NOTE: Parking permits will be denied for faculty/administration/staff who have outstanding fines from prior semester(s) until they are paid in full. The first violation after permit expiration will result in towing of vehicle.
    2. Green - Available to commuter students only.
    3. Blue - Students and Employees with Disabilities: Available to qualified students and employees.
    4. Red - Available to students residing in on- campus housing.

2-5: Students are eligible to receive a student parking permit upon payment of all registration fees. Faculty and staff permits are payable at the Parking and Transportation Services Office at 205 City View Drive. The Parking and Transportation Services office is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The office is closed on holidays.

2-6: The area authorized for parking is denoted by the color of the permit. The color legend and parking areas are shown on the accompanying map. It is impractical to mark ALL areas of University property where parking is prohibited. Parking or driving is definitely prohibited on grass plots, tree plots, construction areas, or where it will physically mark the landscaping of the campus, create a safety hazard, interfere with the use of University facilities, or hinder the free movement of traffic. All legal parking areas are designated by signs, painted stripes, or other marks. If it isn't marked, don't park!

2-7: Any person who changes parking category, as defined in Section 2-4, should bring his/her original permit to Parking and Transportation Services. Any additional fees associated with the change in permit will be paid at this time.

2-8: Damaged permits must be replaced within three (3) working days. The remnants must be turned in to Parking and Transportation Services at the time of replacement. Failure to do so will result in the individual having to pay the full registration fee as outlined in Section 2-4.

2-9: Temporary Parking Permits will be issued as follows:

    1. To any employee or student operating a vehicle as a temporary substitute for a registered vehicle. The permit will be valid for seven (7) days from the date of issuance and a total of three (3) may be issued during any semester. The permit will indicate the appropriate color code area in which the vehicle may park. This permit is subject to a fee.
    2. Temporary Parking Permits may be issued to visitors and will be valid in any white, green or red color-coded areas that are not marked as reserved.
    3. Temporary Loading/Unloading Permits may be issued at the discretion of Parking and Transportation Services. This permit allows the operator of the vehicle up to but not to exceed thirty (30) minutes parking in a loading/unloading zone for the express purpose of loading or unloading his/her vehicle.

2-10: Disabled Parking Permits-Any person, whether student or employee, may apply for disabled parking privileges.

    1. For parking on MTSU campus, persons must have a state-issued license plate or placard (as defined in State Law 55-21-102) to obtain a disabled parking permit. Persons must prove ownership of the state-issued plate or placard. Persons must have a Middle Tennessee State University disabled parking permit to ensure access to privileges and rights of an MTSU student or employee.
    2. Temporary disabled permits will be issued for injuries or disabilities for a period not to exceed one (1) semester or four consecutive months; (whichever is of the greatest benefit to the individual requesting the permit), provided that the request is accompanied by a physician's statement, certifying the impairment. Those with temporary permits must park in white or green spaces only. The blue disabled parking spaces are reserved for those holding permanent disabled parking permits. Those holding temporary state-issued disabled placards may also park in the blue disabled parking spaces.
    3. Applicants denied a parking permit have the right to appeal to the Committee on Programs for Students and Employees with Disabilities, which will make the final decision about the issuance of the permit.

2-11: You will be responsible for the security of your parking permit. Keep your vehicle locked to prevent theft. If a permit is lost or stolen, you must fill out a "Parking Permit Loss Report" at Parking and Transportation Services and pay a replacement fee to obtain a new parking permit.

2-12: The acceptance by any person of a parking permit, whether temporary or permanent, shall constitute the acceptance of the regulations, ordinances, and/or laws governing the safe and responsible operation and parking of a vehicle on campus.

2-13: The MTSU parking permit must be properly attached to the FRONT windshield in the extreme lower corner on the driver's side OR hung from the rearview mirror of the vehicle being operated with the decal number facing the outside of the car and clearly readable. In those cases where compliance with the above is not feasible, the permit must be clearly visible through front windshield when viewed from outside or the registrant must consult with Parking and Transportaton Services for proper placement of the permit. The responsibility of transferring and properly displaying the hang tag rests with the individual to whom the permit was originally issued. If for some reason the hang tag is not transferred to the vehicle being parked on campus, the individual originally purchasing the hang tag will be required to obtain a temporary one-day permit.

2-14: If an individual with a current permit receives a citation for violation of 2-13 , the citation will be canceled only if the citation is taken to the Parking and Transportation Services Office within seven (7) class days of issuance of the citation and the violator can show the current permit at that time. (Vehicle must be parked in designated parking area according to permit color for citation to be canceled). No more than three (3) such citations will be canceled per semester. (Note: In the event that a vehicle receives more than one "No Campus Permit" ticket while parked in the same location during a calendar day, those tickets will be viewed as one offense.) A class day is considered Monday through Friday, unless it is an official University holiday for faculty, staff, and/or students.

2-15: Immediate family members of faculty, administrators, staff, and students must park at meters or register their vehicles with Parking and Transportation Services by obtaining a temporary parking permit. Failure to comply may result in the vehicle being issued a "No Campus Permit" citation, and the fine will not be waived as it is assumed the student, faculty, or staff members parked the unregistered vehicle on campus.

2-16: It is considered fraudulent for a registered permit holder to give his/her permit to another person for use on the campus, including to gain access to or exit from parking garages or other gated parking areas. Such use would be defined as displaying an unauthorized permit and as such is subject to citation, boot, and/or tow.  Permits are transferable from vehicle to vehicle. Permits are not transferable from person to person. When a permit is reported as lost or stolen, but is found in another vehicle on campus, an inquiry will be made. In the event it is found that an individual reported a permit lost or stolen, but in fact gave the permit to another individual for use, both parties will be cited with a fine for their actions.