Academic Issues


Dr. Leigh Anne Clark
Dr. Meredith Huey Dye (Chair)
Dr. Frances Henderson
Dr. Deanna Little
Ms. Gina Kerra Logue
Dr. Leah Lyons
Dr. Kari Neely 
Dr. Antoinette van Zelm

  • Curriculum Integration Grant
    The Academic Issues Subcommittee offers summer grants for projects to integrate the experiences and perspectives of women into the curriculum. 
  • Child Care on Campus
  • On Campus With Women
    Focuses on how women are transforming both what it means to be a leader in higher education and what women are leading us towards--more inclusive and equitable institutions. Authors in this issue do not offer counsel on how to fit into existing leadership molds. Rather, they argue that women who aim to transform higher education to the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as the communities and society our institutions serve, must also transform what it means to be a leader. For more information and resources from the Program on the Status and Education of Women, visit the AAC&U issues page on women