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BenzecryPERI Fellow Gabriel Benzecry Named Assistant Professor of Economics at Northwood University

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that PERI Fellow and third-year economics Ph.D. candidate Gabriel Benzecry is joining Northwood University this fall as an Assistant Professor of Economics and a Bretzlaff Scholar.

We are extremely proud of Gabriel’s academic accomplishments at Middle Tennessee State University and look forward to continued research collaborations with him as an affiliated faculty member. He achieved six journal publications and has three additional papers in the works, all while teaching Principles of Macroeconomics courses at the Jones College of Business at MTSU.

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edgeThe Ph.D. Fellowship program offered by PERI provides a multitude of advantages to its enrolled students at Middle Tennessee State University. PERI Fellows engage in research with our esteemed faculty members, get published in leading academic journals, and are prepared for success in a competitive job market.

Students also benefit from our rich intellectual foundation strengthened by our distinguished connections with Nobel Prize-winning scholars like Dr. James M. Buchanan and Dr. Muhammad Yunus. Please click the button below to learn how the PERI gives students an academic edge.


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The Political Economy Research Institute is requesting your help to support our students at MTSU. We serve students, and the broader MTSU community, by offering fellowships, programming, and mentorship to those interested in studying the drivers of economic growth and human prosperity. Our Ph.D. students are being equipped with the skills necessary to become dynamic teachers and influential researchers in the field of political economy. Over the course of their careers, many of them will teach thousands of college students sound economics. 


About the PERI

Established in late 2016, the Political Economy Research Institute is a joint venture between the Jennings A. Jones College of Business and the University Honors College, established with initial seed money from the Charles Koch Foundation.

The mission of the institute is to engage undergraduate and graduate students with faculty in research that will further the understanding of business and economic principles, as well as their impact on regional, national, and international financial conditions and the well-being of society. To advance its mission, the PERI will engage in research and educational programs which uncover the institutions and policies that encourage and enhance human well-being.

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Check out the PERI's annual reports below to learn more about the our student-centric mission at MTSU.

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