Ebony Rowe

Passion drove Ebony to success in two fields, Physics and Basketball. She received national recruiting attention out of a EbonyRoweActionKentucky high school for her jump shot, but her primary focus was academics.   In looking for a university that combined sports, high academic standards, and research, the Ivy League schools she turned down just didn’t stand out.

“Eventually, I want a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech,” is the matter-of-fact way Ebony laid out her long range plans. She asked if a physics degree from MTSU could get her ready, and the answer was yes

Rowe explored the physics of music in her research, and made huge sound come from a tiny aperture. The effect is dubbed “extraordinary transmission,” and led her to publish in a scientific journal (as an undergrad).

Balancing basketball with a science major took work, but she was not looking for an easy path. “I am continually amazed at what Ebony is able to balance and to accomplish given the conflicting demands of her academics and athletics. I really don’t know how she does it,” was the way one physics professor put it.

In an interview with ESPN, Ebony discussed how, “great my professors and the Physics Department has been in support of balancing for the student athlete.” But, she is the one that did the work.

And now, she is finishing her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering … at Georgia Tech.