University Policies

Academic Calendar and Student Registration 303
Academic Freedom and Responsibility 201 
Academic Misconduct 312 
Access Control 960
Access to Education Records 500 
Accessibility 28
Acquisition and Disposal of Real Property 622 
Adjunct Faculty Compensation 222 
Administration of Sponsored Projects 401 
Administrative, Professional, and Faculty Grievance or Complaint 852 
Admissions 301 
Alcoholic Beverages 755 
Allocation of Maintenance Fees for University Athletics 617 
Alternate Work Arrangements 813 
Animal Care and Use in Research and Testing 403 
Animals on University Property 102 
Appeals and Appearances before the Board 060 
Appointment of Graduate Assistants 225 
Approval of Academic Programs, Units, and Modifications 251 
Approval of Agreements – Delegation of Authority/Signature Authorization 600 
Articulation with Proprietary College 307 
Assignment of Motor Pool Vehicle to the President 606 
Athletic Tickets and Admissions 656 
Athletics Integrity and Conduct of Athletics Staff 90
Automated External Defibrillators 780 
Auxiliary Enterprises-Classification and Operation 655 
Awarding Honorary Degrees 316
Awarding of Credits Earned through Extra-Institutional Learning 308
Budget Principles 615
Budgetary Accounting Controls 616
Building Access 745
Calendar Conversion 292 
Campus Commemoratives 161 
Campus Crisis and Emergency Management 730 
Campus Master Plan 620 
Cases Heard Pursuant to the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act 110 
Cash Purchases and Petty Cash Funds 637 
Cash Receipts and Deposits 636
Charitable Solicitations 170 
Class Attendance 311 
Classification and Compensation Plan for Classified and Administrative Positions 807 
Classification of Awards as Gifts or Grants/Contracts 137 
Classified Grievance or Complaint 853 
Collection of Accounts Receivable 646 
Compensation Reporting and Approvals 808 
Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and Employment of Minors 806 
Components of Articulation Agreements 257
Computer Software 950 
Conflict of Interest 012 
Conflict of Interest for Externally Funded Projects 404 
Consensual Relationships 817
Cost Transfers Guide for Sponsored Projects 665 
Credit Hours 294
Criteria for the Evaluation of Bureaus, Centers, and Institutes 258 
Debt Management 612
Defaulted Student Loans 645 
Deferred Compensation Plans 842 
Deposit and Investment of Funds 635 
Determining Faculty Workload and Instructional Staffing 208 
Disciplinary Policy for Administrative and Classified Personnel 851 
Discrimination and Harassment Based on Protected Categories Other Than Sex 026 
Disposal of Surplus Property 685
Distance Education 254
Diversity 020
Drug-Free Workplace 760
Education Abroad 271
Education Abroad Financial Procedures 663
Educational Adjustment for Pregnant and Parenting Students 504
Educational Assistance: MTSU Employee Tuition Waiver 829
Educational Assistance: Student Fee Discounts for Spouses and Dependent Children of MTSU Employees 831
Educational Assistance: Veterans’ Dependents, State Retirees, Disabled, and Elderly Persons Programs 643
Educational Leave 826
Educator Preparation Program Standards Identified by the State of Tennessee Operational Guidelines 293
Electronic Mail Acceptable Use 930
Emergency Notification and Timely Warnings 715
Emeritus Status 210
Employee Attendance during Inclement Weather 828
Employee Compensation under Sponsored Projects 224 
Employment Classification 804 
English Proficiency-Faculty 207 
Environmental Health and Safety 735 
Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Nondiscrimination 025 
Equal Opportunity: Internal Audit and Reporting Systems 021 
Equipment/Movable Property Inventory Control 686 
Ethics and Code of Conduct 010 
Exit Interview – Checkout Procedures for Terminating Regular Employees 860 
Expenditure of State Funds for Paid Advertising  151 
Expenditures for University-Owned Residence of the President 607 
Export Control 080 
Facilities Planning and Design  621 
Faculty and Academic Staff Abroad 272
Faculty and Staff Support for Educational Expenses 830 
Faculty and Student Participation in Development of Campus Policies and Programs 031 
Faculty Compensation during Summer Session 221 
Faculty Compensation for Teaching Credit Courses as an Overload 223 
Faculty Definition, Roles, Responsibilities, and Appointment Types 202
Faculty Development 203
Faculty Sick Leave Bank 854
Family, Medical, and Servicemember Leave 827
Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress 502
Financial Exigency 040
Financial Performance Review 611
Fire Alarm Notification for Persons with Disabilities 765
Fire Safety in On-Campus Student Residential Housing 770
Food and Beverages 661
Foundations 130
Free Speech on Campus 103
General Education Requirements and Degree Requirements 304
General Personnel 800
Gifts, Prizes, and Awards 659
Hazardous Waste Reduction 740
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 085
Holiday, Administrative, and Emergency Closings 803
Hours of Work 802
Human Resources Emergency Procedures 859
Identity Theft Prevention 650
Implementation of Secure Passwords 925
Inclement Weather 725
Information Security 920
Information Technology Resources 910
Installment Payment Plan 644
Intellectual Property Policy 140
Inter-Institutional Relationships 255
Internal Audit 070
Learning Support 306
Lease Standards  623
Leave Policies 825
Legislative Proposals 015
Letterhead Stationery 153
Limitations on Enrollments 310
Limited English Proficiency 305
Litigation Holds 125
Longevity Pay 843
Membership and Subscriptions 660
Minors Participating in University Sponsored Programs or Programs Using University Facilities 101
Misconduct in Research and Other Scholarly Activity 211
Misconduct, Discrimination, and Harassment Based on Sex including Pregnancy, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity/Expression 027
Missing Residential Student Notification 720
Modified Fiscal Year Contracts 856
Motor Pool Services 687
MTSU Articulation with Community Colleges within the Tennessee Board of Regents System and the State Universities 256
Naming of Facilities and Building Plaques 160
Nepotism 816
Notification Requirements in the Event of an Employee Death 858
Operation and Use of University Aircraft 180
Outside Employment, Extra Compensation, and Dual Services Agreement 814
Oversight of Dual Use Research Concern 405
Payment of Student Fees and Enrollment 640
Payrolls 657
PCI DSS Information Security 652
Performance Evaluations 810
Permanent or Semi-Permanent Off-Campus Instructional Facilities 253
Personnel Records 811
Personnel Transactions 801 
Policy Development and Review 030 
Posthumous Degrees 315 
Post-Retirement Service Program for Tenured Faculty 209 
Preventing and Reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse 071 
Privacy of Information 121 
Procurement and Contract Policy 630
Procurement and Contract Standards 631
Professional Licensure Disclosures 317
Promotion of Tenured and Tenurable Faculty 205 
Promotions of Classified, Executive, and Administrative Employees 812 
Protection of Human Subjects in Research 402 
Public Records-Inspecting and Copying 120
Publications 154 
Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program 632
Purchasing Educational and Administrative Mobile Applications 955
Records Management and Disposal of Records 129
Reporting and Resolution of Institutional Losses 610
Reports of Expenditures by the President 605
Research Participant Payments 664
Residency Classification 319
Residential Life and Housing Policy 541
Responsible Conduct of Research 406
Retirement 840 
Retirement Plans 841 
Return to Work 850 
Reverse Transfer 309 
Safeguarding Nonpublic Financial Information 651 
Salary Increase for Attaining Certified Administrative Professional Status 809 
Social Networking and Media 150 
Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts 135 
Staff Sick Leave Bank 855 
Student Conduct 540 
Student Employment 805 
Student Fees-Incidental Charges and Refunds 641 
Student Grade Appeals 313 
Student Organization Registration and Recognition 560
Student Rights and Freedoms 302
Sustainable Campus Fee Program 688
Taxability of Employee Benefits 608
Telephone Service 970
Tenure 204
Tenure and Promotion Appeals 206
Timely Reporting of a Substantive Change for Accredited Institutions of the SACSCOC  050
Title IX Compliance 090
Tobacco-Free Campus 750
Traffic, Parking and Safety Enforcement 775
Travel 658
Unclaimed Property Uniform Disposition 668
Undergraduate Academic Retention Standards 314
Unemployment Compensation 815
University Bookstore/Textbooks, Course Materials, and Course Supplies 291
University Catalogs 252
University Committees 032
University Police Department 700
Unmanned Aircraft Systems 785
Use of Campus Property and Facilities Scheduling 100
Use of Electronic Signatures 940
Use of MTSU Names, Marks, and Trademarks 152
Violence on Campus 710
Weapons on Campus 705
Wireless Telephone and Data Service 667
Withdrawals from the University 505
Worker’s Compensation and Tort Claims 857